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The only Wordpress SEO Plugin that allows you to optimize content and measure its success.

For both Humans and Search Engines.

Let’s face it. Content Marketing is tough!

How does Squirrly take the hard work out of content marketing?

Gives you SEO Advice as you’re typing your articles.

Squirrly helps you in real time to optimize your articles to 100%, while you are writing or editing them.
Optimized articles (with Squirrly) get +285% more traffic, on average, than the articles that are not optimized.
<< When all the Lights are green, you have a go. Your article is 100% optimized and you can publish it. >>
<< Analyses the best possibilities and displays you a TOP with the best keywords you can use. >>

Finds you keywords that your customers use.

Squirrly’s Keyword Research and Analysis tool helps you get keywords that are trending, that people search for, and that will ultimately get you found online
It’s very important to be found online by the right keywords, because it will bring you visits from people who really care about what you have to offer.
By taking your competitors into account, it helps you find keywords for which you can outrank your competitors, not just chase them.
<< Full Audit for Content Marketing. Download as PDF. Send to key members of your team >>

Tracks all the aspects of your Content Marketing strategy:

Blogging, Keywords, SEO, Authority, Traffic, Social Signals.
It doesn’t just track them and gives you a score, it also gives you Professional advice on how to fix problems and improve your marketing
You’ll be able to send problems related to SEO to your SEO person or to your developers, blogging problems to your content writers, etc.

Monitors your progress and improvement, week by week.

You’ll receive an email with the improvement of your websites and you can also track the improvement of each individual article. Every single week.
It displays social signals per article, which shows you how much people enjoyed your content.
The SEO Analytics, shows the search engine love you received for each article.
<< Analyze any single article. See how it improves over time. >>
<< You’ll be able to optimize for  humans, not just search engines,  which will make your content  more likeable >>

Optimize for Humans, get email alerts and social intelligence.

Your experience with using Squirrly is something that we care a lot about and we strive to go the extra mile to make sure you’re having a good time, while keeping your readers engaged with new content that speaks their language.
Without leaving the interface, you can get up to speed with the latest news in your industry, see how people discuss your topic on twitter, get free images you can use.
Email alerts will let you know if traffic is going down, or if we detect duplicates, 404 errors, sharing problems, etc.
Last month, Squirrly helped 16,500 people to get over 285% increase in traffic.
Today is your turn.
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Overall, Squirrly saved our customers $2,821,500 in money they would have spent to Ads Programs for $0,6 per click.
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You’ll start with the free version of Squirrly. It will help you if you have small content marketing needs, such as 5 articles / month, 5 keyword analysis. When you'll require more, you can pay for the PRO Plan. See below.
  • Affordable Simple Pricing.
    • Unlimited posts to optimize / account / month
    • 100 keyword researches/ account/mo.
    • 100 pages analyzed by SEO Audit
    • 100 pages analyzed by Analytics
    What's included in this Plan? Everything
    • Unlimited Content Optimizations with the SEO Live Assistant
    • SEO Audit
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Monitors Your Site’s Progress
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • You’ll be alerted if there are visibility issues, 404 errors, et
    • Headline Suggestions based on your Topic
    • Month to Month Contract
    • No Hidden Fees
    • Cancel with a Click
    • Unlimited articles for which you can optimize
    • SEO Advice as you type your articles
    • SEO Analytics that shows Rank and Social Signals
    • Social Intelligence
    • Optimization Advice for Search Engine Bots AND Human Readers
    • Images you can use, that are copyright free
    • Read / Insert Tweets, Wikis and Blog Articles
    • Search of Images, Wikis, Blog Articles, based on your keyword
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