Why We Love Content Marketing (and You Should, Too!)

26 Mar 2015
content marketing

Content Marketing Boosts Your Bottom Line! Today, content doesn’t just consist of words in an article. Content can be videos, images, infographics, slide shows, and animation.  It is the basis of your brand. It’s not just about getting the basic product information out. With content, you can tell a story,…

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10 Signs You Should Invest In Content Writing Services

10 Mar 2015
content writing

Content Writing Services Save Your Business Meetings, clients, emails, social media management, split testing, product development, profit and loss…the list is endless. As a business grows, the ability to maintain focus in so many areas divides. Content most always takes a back seat. Content is at the heart of every…

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How a Content Writer’s Mind Works

11 Feb 2015
content writer

In this past few months since I’ve been a content writer, I learned tons of new stuff. I started working at Squirrly with an innocent mind, thinking that it’s a piece of cake to write an article. I’ve never been so wrong in my life. This turned out to be partly right.…

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