5 tips to write blog articles and improve your inbound marketing

10 Jul 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

One of the most important keys of successful blogging is high-quality content, especially when your strategy of aquiring new leads relies heavily on inbound marketing.

inbound marketing

1. Choose your blog voice

Every blog has a unique voice which addresses some target audience. So, before starting to write you have to identify your blog audience.

Pro Tip: Try to see who comments on your articles and follow them on Social Channels. This will help you find out more about what matters to them.

2. Be honest

Try to be honest even if you have to deal with some critical opinions. Be honest and open to your readers.

Inbound marketing involves quite a bit of transparency from the companies and professionals who do this kind of marketing.

3. Don’t list links

Readers don’t want to find a list of links. They want to find clear information, so give them reasons to stay on your blog, not to send them to others’ blogs.

4. Offer copyrights

Don’t abuse the copyrights. If you find some interesting information on others’ blogs, make sure that you specify the original source.

5. Write short paragraphs

Too much text or crowded images can overwhelm your readers, and you don’t want that, so try to make your pages as clear as possible.

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inbound marketing