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In order to login to Squirrly SEO, you need to login to your WordPress Dashboard first. Go to WordPress -> Squirrly -> Dashboard -> Profile.

There you will be able to access your account information.

It's the Secure way of logging in. I know it seems a bit complicated, but it's the safest way to login and that's why we decided to keep it this way.

See How to Login to Squirrly SEO and find out more helpful details.

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In the early days of our Agency we created a Store section on our website. It used to be the only way of buying content for blogs and social media from us.

If you ordered from it and want to login, you can use the following button:

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There is a store on from which you can purchase our SEO service for Fixing Your Site Structure.

If you want to login to that, this will take you to the login page: Login:

Other places to login to Squirrly products will be available soon.

We used to have two different stores for the Agency. You can check your invoices here:

You can purchase Starbox PRO from the website:

To login to your account and re-download your version of Starbox PRO, use the following button:

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See How you can Login to Starbox - the Author Box for Humans:

Important Websites for Squirrly SEO (clickable):