Top 5 VCs that invest through content marketing [Infographic]

17 Jul 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

Content marketing isn’t just for an entrepreneurial business, it also gives a helping hand to Venture Capitals, in order to share the business concepts they would like to find in their future investments. A great list of VCs is presented on the Business Insider in order to guide entrepreneurs towards the investment they need.

Even so, before you start tracking them down and getting that investment, there are a few tips about content strategy you can learn from them right now. Whether you are a new business or a venture firm, the same basic principles of content marketing apply, in order that you should get the word out there in a convincing way. The diary of a data-driven product manager includes a close look at the strategies that some of the most known VC companies use.

The examples are great, and you can learn directly from them. Here is our list of the top 5 venture capitalists, which can help you with your content marketing strategy right now. Check out their blogs and social media accounts to get a better outcome of your start-up.

How to rock content marketing as a Venture Capitalist

Top 5 VCs that invest through content marketing
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    Top 5 VCs that invest through content marketing

Investing in content is an important aspect for all VC firms, as the competition in this field is rising. Giving you a hand on learning more on the subject is the article Mike Fishbein created to help VCs, but not only them to have a working content strategy.

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