10 SEO Landing Page Tips: Episode 1

06 Sep 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

Most often when referring to a landing page online, marketers consider pay-per-click, in which placing a destination URL into Google’s or Bing’s paid search results allows marketers to impel keyword-aimed traffic to expected optimized pages.

An article I read some days ago, proclaiming the demise of keywords, discussed generating intent-based subjects and developing content which combines with those subjects – intent to content.

Squirrly SEO, for example, helps with this part: not only optimizing for search engines and getting rankings, but actually optimizing for Humans and meeting their expectation once they reach your page. An article on this will follow. Until then, read on about landing pages and combining the potential customer’s intent with your own content.


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It’s possible to implement that tune (intent to content) in a “first engagement” method, following a user’s click on a search result.

To confirm that your SEO landing page is good:

  • Connect with intent: Does the page provide the user’s expectations?
  • Resolve (initial) user query (as in, what he searches for on the search engine): Responding to their actual inquiry
  • Engage the user: Do you have any means of engaging him?
  • Drive further user engagement (if necessary): Supplementary indications to both users and search engines (like social sharing buttons).

A searcher intent to site content connection method called “CRED”, will be detailed to you in the next episode of this series, by my team mate, Andreea.


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