10 SEO Landing Page Tips episode 2

24 Sep 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

In episode one we talked a little bit about the Landing Page and how to confirm your seo landing page. Today, you will get 10 very impressive suggestions which guarantee your ability to increase a little CRED in your SEO operations, additionally exhibiting operational realization!

SEO landing page tip:


landing page

1. Do the principal headlines match the intent?

Intially, users react to content structure, headlines, headers, bolded elements, graphics, etc. The small opening you have to capture their consideration starts with a rational estimation which has to instantly link with the initial search inquiry and stimulate further involvement through clear expression of the essence of the page.

2. Does your content type conform to the inquiry intent?

If the inquiry aim contains “how to”, “best”, “top 10”, “compare” or additional intent enhancing alterers, or if the inquiry requires a particular standard of text content, is what you’re proposing undeniably something that visibly links, supports validity, exhibits lists, video or images?

Although users have little time to read, they decide quickly if the configuration they check agrees with a presumption. An example would be an inquiry on the best 10 bars which would require a list with figures exhibited, or a single item with figures. Also, an inquiry on the history of search likely would have an index and appear lively, not just a 200 word paragraph.

This happens because users don’t have long periods of concentration, and a majority have already determined what they should find. Failure to link with that pre-determined presumption will most likely lead to a rapid “back click”.

See you on the next episode for more landing page tips.


Andreea Muresan-Leau

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