10 Vital To Dos to Feed Your SEO Content Machine After You Post Articles

10 Vital To Dos to Feed Your SEO Content Machine After You Post Articles

28 Jun 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014
If you don’t have a blog that’s very well known and brings fans instantly to the blog, then we’ll need to work a little bit until the article will be visible to many readers.
Over the next few steps we will begin thinking of your blog as a SEO content machine. Why? Because it’s what will bring you steady visitors from search engines, and also good amounts of visitors from Social Media. If you think of your blog as a machine designed to attract visitors, you’ll have a better chance of coming up with creative ideas of attracting readers.
seo content machine
Here are 9 vital to-dos that we came up with for you:
1) Ping your articles (whatever that means) to search engines:
A tool that has proven to be very useful is googleping.com, which sends (“pings”) your article to search engines for indexing and forces the search engine bots to check out the article. Other such tools are: pingoat.net and pingomatic.com
2) Submit Social Bookmarking and Social Media to feed your SEO Content Machine with some good social signals.
Do social bookmarking, and also make sure you share, tweet, pin, etc. all your articles. If you don’t have social media accounts yet, start building them and connect to people from your niche or people who you think would like to read your articles, because it makes sense for them to read your articles. We have a great list of social bookmarking sites in our Free Coaching Session about SEO and Content Marketing.
In the free coaching you will also learn the very first steps of building the SEO content machine which I’ve been talking about. If you’re using Squirrly already, then you’ve taken the Coaching Session and we congratulate you for that.
3) Submit Your Feeds to relevant sites.
For a quick spread of your articles, you need to submit your wordpress site’s feed to as many sites that collect information from feeds as possible. Examples: friendfeed.com, feedburner.com. You can find your feed (for your wordpress site) at: http://domainname.com/feed/
4) Share your opinions (and links) in the comments section of other blogs.

Maybe a longer term solution would be to look for articles from other blogs written about the same topics, which also have the Comment Box integrated and state your opinion and place a link to the article where readers can find the detailed opinion (if it’s possible).

5) Start conversations around your article

Start conversations about your article on various important sites like: quora.com and inbound.org
6) Get your articles to people who read from Mobile Devices
Try to find apps that distribute information on mobile devices (think iOS, android) because there you will find a lot more readers.
7) Ads, anyone?
You can try to have some articles promoted through adwords from Google or social media ads. At Squirrly, we use Promoted Posts on our Facebook page and it works really well. It’s something that we recommend, because if you have a targeted following on Facebook, it just works.
8) Post often, and your SEO content machine will bring you leads and other benefits.

The most important thing to do is to post often, and post valuable articles. This way, you’ll build an audience around your blog, and the number of people who return to your blog will increase over time.According to the latest updates of Google from May 2013, their ranking algorithm cares a lot about the return rate of your visitors.

This is the part where it really seems like it would be great to have a machine into which you just feed articles, and it brings leads for your business, people to buy affiliate offers or visitors to click on your ads. Once you start doing this consistently, it won’t seem like such a hassle anymore.
Plus, it’s important to get your SEO content machine going.

9) Monitor and Measure the impact of all these activites using the Squirrly Article Rank.Squirrly Article Rank is an important tool for monitoring your unique visitors and the total hits your articles get. If you get more total hits than unique visitors, it means your visitors read more pages, or they returned to the site, both being very good things for your blog and the way search engines see your site. They will basically consider you to be relevant, and will place you higher in search rankings.

Besides traffic, the Squirrly Article Rank also monitors  the impact of your articles on social media, which shows you if your readers have spread the information they received. The better your articles are shared, the better your search engine ranking will be.

Another thing that you should consider following is the Inbound Links, which show you how many other websites have linked to your article. Not just the number of links is important, but also the authority that’s being sent by these links. Squirrly Article Rank monitors the authority of your site, and you’ll be able to see if the sites that linked to your article are important or not. The Authority should be over 30.

Note: Squirrly Article Rank offers the info about links and authority through MOZ.com, (seomoz recently re-branded to MOZ), and the updates for this section are not made in real time. The updates are made on a weekly basis, so that you can build more links to your blog.


– After you publish each article, it’s good to make sure that your article reaches your readers and even new readers.
– Distribution of articles by social media has proven itself to be an excellent way of getting your article to more readers, faster. Use Squirrly Article Rank to see your weak points, and act upon them intelligently.
Bonus Idea:
If you need a little help in some areas, I recommend that you use fiverr.com, where you’ll find people eager to help you for $5.
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