Squirrels And Pokemon In The Same Room

20 Mar 2015

This week, the Spitfire team was the GameMaster. They came to us with a very old and very famous game: Pokemon Master Trainer. I hope that most of you already heard about the famous cartoon with Ash and Pikachu. I don’t think there could be someone who could not remember…

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7 Reasons to Drop Multitasking

05 Oct 2015

It’s possible that we are busier than ever at work, so we may be tempted to try to finish off a few things at the same time, and honestly, there are times when multitasking method is effective. You should consider checking this out, though, if multiple tasks occurs regularly during…

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How to optimize your Linkedin profile

24 Sep 2015

Now when you see this title you might think, that you already have a job. Learning how to optimize your Linkedin profile isn’t just for people that want a job and this way they can make their resume be seen. If you need a person brand in the field you…

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