Be less busy – Zapier success story

25 Sep 2015

Another day at the office, another day full of tasks, which you need to juggle with. Well, not anymore. Zapier is here to the rescue! It is a company that was born so that computers should do more work, and not we, humans. I totally agree with that! We use so…

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A successful startup in your face: 9GAG

31 Aug 2016

Let’s say you have some great intriguing startup ideas on your hands, which you think will win the founders’ hearts and be a sky-rocketing success, and you have a side-project: 9GAG. Without you knowing it, it turns into a successful startup! It all sets off when you’re a student at…

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Startup Events and Sport Events. The missing link

06 Oct 2015

Two big events: startup events and sport ones. Two gatherings at which people come in bulk. Two events which attract a lot of advertising, expectation, nervousness. Both highly appealing. Their major points of difference occur in their theme and key public, even so, while attending Techsylvania this spring, which was held…

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