3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings [episode 1]

09 Nov 2013
| Last update: 27 Jun 2017

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Are you satisfied with the traffic you receive on your blog or website through social media? Are you aware of the modifications in search engine optimization (SEO)? A majority of companies at present find this to be crucial.
Here you can find the ways in which modifications to Google are giving more importance to social media and how you should respond.

Webmasters all over the world were damaged by the Google “Penguin” update, one of the most recent of many algorithm changes developed to decrease the number of reduced worth outcomes from the natural search engine results page (SERPs).

A current search engine modification developed to get rid of spam for the natural search outcomes is Google’s Penguin algorithm update.
You need to recognize what this modification involves, what brought it around and what you need to adjust to it employing social media marketing, whether or not your website’s traffic flow was affected by this update, since Google’s increased concentration on web spam probably will bring similar updates in the future.

Penguins major social media goals

There were three major goals in the Google Penguin update to reduce the SEO impact of the web marketing components listed below:
• Low-quality and manufactured website backlinks
• On-page over-optimization
• “Black hat” (or illicit) SEO techniques

The existence of artificially generated backlinks is a major concern for webmasters who employ social networking procedures to recommend their websites. Developing natural backlinks ought to be a principal goal for webmasters in the conditions created by Penguin.
In order to make the SEO of your website better you need to adjust your social media marketing using the procedures listed below.

That’s all folks for today. See you next time when we will talk about developing a powerful content.

Andreea Muresan-Leau

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