3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings [episode 2]

10 Nov 2013
| Last update: 11 Apr 2017

Hi there. Last time we tried to figure out more about the Penguin Algorithm and now it’s time to see some Social Media ways to improve your search ranking. Here is the first one:

#1: Develop Powerful Content Concepts Employing Social Media Networks

In the present time digital marketing should be “natural”. In the best case scenario, your site would get links in a natural way, in the same way it would if you didn’t do any promotional work at all, rather than developing manufactured backlinks.

It is crucial for you to publish high-quality content which readers will tend to share naturally on social media networks in order to develop natural backlinks. It should be expected that if you compose low-quality content, readers don’t have any motivation to link back to or share your website, so it becomes even more difficult to obtain the backlinks necessary to rank well in the more recent natural search outcomes.

An ideal location for discovering suggestions for later content marketing articles is on social media websites. Charlene Kingston describes an outstanding procedure for revealing content ideas in your retweets in her post, “8 Ways to Discover Content Ideas From Your Readers”, and in addition, you can enter a succession of prompts into Twitter’s search bar to reveal the subjects your community has shown an attraction to.

Outcomes from a search of “How do I SEO?”

social media

To demonstrate, the illustration above displays some of the outcomes shown for the search inquiry “How do I SEO?” that emphasizes some promising subjects for later website pieces.

By using any of the following prompts into Twitter search you can create additional possibilities:
• “How to” + industry keyword
• “Why is” + industry keyword
• “Question” + industry keyword
• “?” + industry keyword

Be especially aware of search outcomes which don’t have outbound links, since these frequently are self-promotional in nature. Also, search for outcomes which have been retweeted by others, because they show audience appeal.

After you have recognized some possible subjects for pieces, create good content related to the topic and recommend your posts making use of the following procedure in Step #2 which will be present in the next episode. See you next time, my friends 🙂

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