3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings [episode 3]

12 Nov 2013
| Last update: 27 Jun 2017

Last time we talk about how to develop a powerful content inspired from social media. Today we will approach another step in improving your search ranking using social media.

#2: Encourage Backlink Building Via Social Media Presence

Social media networking websites are an outstanding location for developing natural backlinks to your website, since both Google and Bing acknowledged that they publicly track shared links on Facebook and Twitter.

Do the following things to provoke the generation of these valuable links:
• Develop your networks on Facebook and Twitter, since getting more users brings out more possibilities for link shares.
• Connect your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, possibly using a tool developed particularly for this function, so that a link to all of your fresh posts will automatically be generated on your profile.
• Employ a current scheduling tool such as Buffer to generate repeat announcements of new blog posts which will make it possible for you to get to users who are involved at various times.

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Also, use some time to develop your Google+ page. It seems to be implied that how many “+1” votes your pieces get will have an influence in the natural search ranking algorithms. Pushing your presence here could aid in guaranteeing more substantial SEO for your website.

Google+ pages can be generated for use with various kinds of companies.

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