3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings [episode 4]

13 Nov 2013
| Last update: 27 Jun 2017

Welcome to our last step in improving your search rankings by using social media. Till now we talked about Penguin Update, about how to develop a powerful content and about how to build backlinks using social media. So, here we are at the last step.

#3: Develop a Social Media Audience in order to Decrease Dependence on Natural Search Traffic

A last item to think about when employing social media websites to shield yourself from further Penguin-like Google updates is the possibility of social networking traffic to diminish your dependence on viewers from Google and the different search engines. In order to recognize how crucial this can be, observe the following list of a few of the largest post-Penguin losers, concerning natural search visibility, as gathered by web data firm. Searchmetrics:

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Those who failed in Google’s Penguin update encountered substantial reductions in search visibility. Especially, by noticing the consequences for great-quotes.com, which suffered through a 94% decrease in SEO visibility. Had natural search traffic from Google been the the site’s main supply of visitors, this specific algorithm update could have severely reduced the company’s income. In order to vary your traffic base and expand the count of website visitors you get from social media proposals, proceed as below: • Incorporate noticeable social sharing buttons at both the top and bottom of all blog posts on your website. You can also use a scrolling option which down the page beside your readers. • Include a straightforward request at the end of every blog post or email newsletter for your readers to share your articles on their social networking profiles, if they thought they practical. • Employ social media to get yourself recognized as an authority figure within your industry. A blog piece incorporates both a request for actions and social sharing buttons.


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This last suggestion has two aims. In the piece mentioned before about how Google and Bing give influence to social signals in their ranking algorithms, both search engines maintain that they try to evaluate the qualified “authority” of a user as a part of their determination of social signals. On the other hand, as an acknowledged “go-to” resource in your industry, you can receive strong benefits from a traffic production perspective, also. After you’ve been acknowledged as a field reasoning leader, your site will naturally induce recurring visitors and referrals. They can both be outstanding suppliers of traffic which aren’t bound by Google’s varying impulses.

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