5 Exciting Wedding Theme Ideas

25 May 2015
| Last update: 29 Aug 2017

So, you are engaged now. Everything is going exactly as you planned or even better: you have the ring, the man, and the prospect of a great reception. But, thinking about it, you don’t want to have a traditional reception, but something slightly different. Well, if you are looking for wedding theme ideas, you came to the right place. We have 5 and they’re wicked and exciting! Choose your favorite!

The Great Gatsby Inspired Theme



Glitz, blitz, glamour, and opulence. Why wouldn’t anyone love to have a roaring 20s wedding theme? With jazz and swing and feathers and bling, but still keeping the classical allure of the years. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Especially if you and your significant other have a thing for that era, this is one of the most interesting wedding theme ideas.

Skydiving Inspired Theme

This can’t be actually considered a wedding theme after all, but it would be a great way of “spicing up” your vows, especially if you both are adrenaline junkies. Why stay with your feet on the ground when you can be with your heads in the clouds? Of course, before choosing this as your favorite idea from our wedding theme ideas list, think about your loved ones and friends. Would they enjoy jumping from a plane?

Oh, and afterwards, of course, you can organize a nice reception based on this theme, with trampolines and parachutes, to offer your guests (the ones who declined the jumping) a little taste of how it felt.

Old-time or Modern-time Carnival Wedding Theme

A kissing booth, cotton candy, sweets, ticket centerpiece, balloons, and more. With these, you can create an adorable and playful atmosphere. P.S. don’t forget to use a striped tent as your walking aisle.

Oh, and, besides this, what would a carnival be without a photo booth? They’ve been included in weddings for a while, but they will be most appreciated by your guests. You can monogram the back of the paper with your initials or add something like a “watermark” on the corner, so your friends and family won’t forget where they have taken this photo. And no, you don’t have to give up on your wedding photographer. On the contrary!

 Modern Vintage Theme

If you are interested about this one from our wedding theme ideas list, we highly recommend you take a walk in your grandmother’s attic or in a vintage boutique shop. You might find timeless pieces there that will make your wedding classic, yet fresh and modern. Think about old leather, heavy damask textures, ribbons, and pinstripes. Included: stunning photography. Must have: dramatic lightning, vintage-ish location. Everything should have a classic feeling, yet not pretty old or cluttered.

Travel Inspired Theme

The last, but not the least, from our today’s wedding theme ideas list is a travelling-inspired one. If you and your significant other fell in love during travel or you are in love with travelling, this theme might be perfect for you. How to apply it? Think about leather suitcases, stamps, travelling related articles, maps, and luggage-tags for sitting places. Everything related to travelling. Or you can just focus on one location or on a particular element of travel, such as a cruise, for instance.

These are 5 exciting wedding theme ideas. Hope you will enjoy them, and if you will use one of them (or not), you’ll have a marvelous wedding. If it’s possible, maybe better than the one you dreamed about.