5 holiday thoughts to turn your customers into loyal partners

26 Dec 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
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Alexandra Nicola

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As Christmas holidays are approaching there is a need for all companies to consider their clients by offering them the holiday thoughts that will enable the growth of the year to come. The more you consider your clients as partners and use all these celebratory events to rekindle your relationship, the more they will invest in you and therefore refer you to a broader group of friends.

If you feel it’s too last minute to apply all these suggestions right now have them in mind for the years to come. Prepare yourself with comments and changes when giving the feedback on strategy to have where to start to better your performance with time. Now let’s see five holiday thoughts you and your customers would benefit from.

1. Getting back to people you haven’t spoken to in a while

Lately I read an article about a real estate company that had a greatly implemented idea for the holidays. They offered a free pie to their clients. What they actually wanted was to get them in the office. To talk to them about casual things, wish them their best holiday thoughts and be certain that they haven’t been forgotten.

I know what you are going to say: “Alexandra, that sounds great but my business is mostly on-line so I can’t just tell people, hey drop by my office”. And you are right. But this principle can be used to you advantage. What you want to make sure is that all the customers that you’ve worked with in 2014, haven’t forgotten about you.

One thing you can organize is an more casual discussion through a web-conference where you tell them the holiday thoughts, share some of your personal plans and let them tell you more about theirs. Let your best sales person do this, but also make sure that it’s a group discussion. At each point of the conversation remember the purpose of this plan.

Make them remember you and don’t try to sell them anything. This is only to strengthen your collaborative relationship.

2. Find out your clients wishlist

This season makes everybody think of all the things they wished they had and all the things they wish they’ll be in the coming year. Your holiday thoughts can address that. Ask them to tell you their wishlist. You can use this perfectly if you have an on-line shop, but not only. What is also important is to have a strategy in the coming year for this clear information.

Make sure that based on their suggestion you offer them clear discounts and information all across the year. When one of the products on their wishlist has a high discount you can even offer to send it for free at their next purchase. And of all these starting from a simple holiday suggestion.

holiday thoughts

Many business owner have told me that it’s hard for them to gather information about their clients interests. Surveys, as efficient they are in organising information, are not interesting for the client himself. For that they need to give further incentives. But in this case it’s all about how you present your holiday thoughts.

A wishlist with a slight suggestion of making them sure in 2015 will be the simple incentive that will offer great storable and clear information about their guideline interests in the year to come.

3. Wish them best holiday thoughts in appropriate templates

Newsletters are a great way to keep a continuous connection with your already established clients. You can event make them become loyal customers that keep on coming back for more. An interesting suggestions is to adapt your newsletter template for the holidays.

It’s actually not a hard task to do. You can choose to buy an already created template that goes well with your own holiday thoughts. Other options are to change the color scheme to your newsletter format so it looks more festive and holiday appropriate. A picture with the theme in christmas outfits leaves a great personal note to the message you’re sending.

You can apply this even if you don’t create a specific message for the holiday season. Sending them the same information would have in the first place but with the look that fits the time schemed shows them that you have though about them in your holiday thoughts are expressed without words.

4. Make Christmas your own

One great fact about holidays is that they bring us all together through their universal meaning. But even so we don’t all celebrate Christmas the same. And this should translate into marketing. Everybody can have a picture with Santa next to their products and that is not convincing. Been there , done that.

Now you need to unleash your creativeness and spice it up with holiday thoughts. Answer these questions:

  • What makes Christmass different at your business ?
  • Do you have holiday traditions in your team that can be translated in a marketing campaign ?
  • What makes your clients buy from you, not your competitors ?
  • How can that be translated in holiday thoughts ?

After you have establish which is your stand-out on Christmas make sure it fits with your brand. If it does use it in your marketing strategy and people will love it. People buy in the holiday season even if you don’t have a marketing campaign. But they make their decision based on what stands out and resonates with them.

holiday thoughts

5. Don’t cut down prices

This might sound a bit risky. But I’m talking here about small businesses. Your holiday thoughts can’t be the same as the one of giants. For one is you can’t afford it . Second is that people will buy anyway in the holiday season. Weather there will be discounts or not.

There are a few strategies you can try that are an alternative like offering free shipping or 3 or more products in pack. My own opinion is that you should focus on what makes you special. Why people should buy from you all year long not just now. Your holiday thoughts can come from handmade things, personal messages, or handwritten name takes on packed gifts.

It’s all focused on your brand and people will spend the money. Remember that your customers are searching for the best deal not the cheapest. If  what you offer has value, is clear and well promoted, you’ll have no problem.

The Squirrly holiday thoughts

As you all know the holiday season is always good for business. The gifts you make to others, or even yourself mean money spend on products or services.

These season offers you the opportunity to get back in touch with people you have spoken to in almost an year and find out what they deeply desire in the months to come. Making festive designs can also help in promoting your products, but that doesn’t mean you should loose your personality and resort to discounts.

Our Holiday thoughts for all our partners and clients is to have a happy holidays, along side their family and friends and in the year to come may you have successful in all your digital marketing efforts. Hoping to be the helping hand in all the plans to come with our products and uprising services.

Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year !