5 Simple Suggestions to Assist People Who Spend Too Much Time Thinking [episode 2]

29 Dec 2013
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

Hello everybody! Last time we talked about living the moment and about writing your thoughts on paper. Today we’re going to talk about other 3 suggestions for people who are spending too much time thinking.

3. Take a Walk


Once in awhile it’s possible to physically sense the uncertainty creep into our thoughts. The distress is too much for us, so it abruptly keeps us from accomplishing anything. When this happens, you should heed the mind’s alarm to take a break. You can clear your thoughts by escaping into the fresh air and trying some physical revival by going for a walk, a bike ride or a short swim. You can observe that you will gain a fresh, energetic motivation to bound back into life.

4. Meditate


Through reflection or calming your thoughts, your mind can accept “aha” moments. The term is cognitive dis-inhibition. We find it more in creative personalities, and it aids in getting to the storehouse of unused data which is blocked when someone has other pressing responsibilities.

Through letting the mind take it easy and stay calm, you have an improved chance to recall all of the wisdom which was stored to surface.

5. Sleep


Fact finders from the Department of Neurological Sciences at the University of Bologna in Italy tell us that deep wave sleep is necessary for people to mentally hold on to information.

As we dream, our mind brings back the activities and settings and puts meaningful information into our long-term memory. It gets rid of information which isn’t important so that our minds have additional space for fresh information.

Andreea Muresan-Leau

Andreea Muresan-Leau

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