5 Situations In Which Mobile Phones Can Save Your Life

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 25 Aug 2017

Today, there are almost as many mobile phone subscriptions in the world as there are people living on this planet, show figures from the United Nations’ telecommunications agency.

Many behavioral specialists talk about the negative effects that mobile phones can have on our social life, and how it changed the way we relate and communicate with each other.


Mobile Phones Evolved Into Safety Devices

Nowadays, our phones are extremely personal. They are able to gather plenty of data about us, and about our surrounding environment, no matter where we are. This is phenominal, because over time, the phone has saved lives.

Here are 5 life-threatening situations in which your cell phone can save your life.

  • Calling an emergency service. Believe it or not, one study showed that when a patient calls an emergency service in a life threatening situation, he is more likely to survive if he makes that call from his mobile phone, rather than from a landline. In this case, the cell phone has the advantage of being easily accessible, especially in a rural area, where not many people have a landline.
  • It can stop bullets. This is not some kind of myth taken from SF movies. There have been several cases reported in which mobile phones have actually stopped bullets. In the right place, at the right time, your cell phone can save your life, if you happen to find yourself in a shooting.
  • Sending a SMS is a much more efficient way of communicating when natural disasters hit. People’s first reaction after an earthquake just happened, or when a storm hits is to call their family and friends. Because everyone is going to do that, the call will most likely not go through, but a SMS will.  
  • Setting up phone alerts. Mobile alerts can save lives as well. By receiving alerts on your phone, you will be able to keep track of any danger situation that might have occurred near you, or in a region you want to receive alerts from. Steve said that he was able to dodge a flood that took place in California, and he arrived home safe and sound.
  • Your phone can be tracked, even if you have no signal. Most people’s cell phones have GPS built in nowadays, so even if you get lost, and you don’t have signal, your cell phone will still be able to communicate with the closest cell tower.       

What To Add To Your Phone

It’s recommended to add ICE (which stands for In Case of Emergency) to your cell phone. If something happens to you, and you’re not in the state of using your phone, then this set up will be a great help for those that will reach out to help you, and they will know who to call.

These amazing features that mobile phones have today, have completely transformed the way we communicate during a life threatening situation. Smartphones are called smart for a reason, and they can truly save lives.

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