5 Speedy Marketing Steps Developing opt-in Circles on Google+ episode 2

21 Dec 2013
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

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Developing your own opt-in notification Circles by following these marketing steps:

Tip #1

After experiencing new “engagement” from someone on Google+, it’s possible to put them into a circle named “new engagers”. What makes up “engagement” obviously will not be the same for everyone. If you are encountering some one a page, e.g. people +1ing posts, you can do it, also. It is important to recognize that you can also arrange various circles of people who have +1d, commented, shared, etc., and handle each one differently.

Tip #2

After you gather around 50 people, you can inform them directly by selecting that circle to send ti to and ticking the box “notify by email about this post”, which transmits a direct message to them. Be aware that this option isn’t always available on Pages, so you should do a trial to see if the email option is possible per circle you develop. Notification plus email will be effective, but you need to exercise caution.

Tip #3

In addition, you can inform them that you will be including this circle in a bigger “Engagers” circle(or however you want to label it) that will be shared publicly, and inquire whether they want to be included. Since people enjoy being included in circle, this can be very effective.

These are the first three marketing steps for you.

Stay tuned for more marketing steps.

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