5 Speedy Marketing Steps Developing opt-in Circles on Google+ episode 3

23 Dec 2013
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

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Developing your own opt-in notification Circles following these speedy marketing steps:

Tip #4

In addition, you could inquire if they would want to get direct notifications from you and a regular basis, and if they would like to “opt in”.

It’s possible with means to give them choices to tell you to “Please notify me daily” in the first comment, “Please notify me weekly” in the second, and so on. They can then vote with their +1, and you can gather them.

Tip #5

Finally we got to the last one from the speedy marketing steps. After collecting this information, you can include these people in a “notifications circle”, or a grade/type of circle that is included in your broader Profile or Page strategy. It’s possible to include them with others who have agreed already, or you can start new circles. You can make this choice based on how long it is before a new engager moves through your sales cycle to a level of possible sale. It basically is determined by your business.

In addition, as you may be aware, you’re only permitted to notify 100 people directly using this means.

Eventually a second circle can be developed for people “on hold”, who have agreed to be included, but for whom there isn’t space at the moment.

Next you can determine to check on who is active from within the beginning circle and modify for finding 100 people, if that many, who aren’t active any longer. That is assuming that you are trying to find 100 positive interactions.


Because some people will be fine with receiving notifications, going through these speedy marketing steps may seem tiresome. Actually, it is. By being careful to respect people’s ‘notification’ preferences, you will distinguish yourself from the others. If you don’t respect it, people will just ‘mute’, so they won’t get them any longer, or ‘block’ you, so you won’t have any contact any longer.

However you decide, it’s your choice. After a great deal of experience on Profile and Pages using these speedy marketing steps, people regularly state that it is uncommonly invigorating.

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