5 startup resources for dummies

27 Aug 2014
| Last update: 05 Oct 2015

When you’re building a startup it’s not that easy to know what to do and whom to speak to. Sometimes you don’t have the time, sometimes the idea, other times the inspiration. Well, it’s ok. You’re a beginner. Following Ben Parr’s “20 of the Best Resources to Get Your Start-up Off the Ground”, with 1.1 k shares, I’ve thought of showing you 5 of the most known and used start-up resources out there. Show it plainly for all us ‘dummies’ in the start-ups’ world.


5 great startup resources


  1. PayPal’s Start-up Blueprint: Paypal is a great choice. Think of its popularity and heritage, as it began as a startup more than 15 years ago. They are also currently investing in their roots, by accelerating online payments, on mobile devices and in-stores. What they achieved could be achieved by you, through their help. They were a small start-up and now they turned global. They offer mentor-ship and waive transaction fees up to a certain amount. If you’re an early-stage start-up, you should take advantage of the connections they provide.
  2. SoftLayer Catalyst is a start-up incubator. It wants to support future technologies and entrepreneurs whom will make breakthroughs on the market. It offers free infrastructure and support for you startup. In detail, once a month each client gets a credit of $1000, which he can invest in mental servers, virtual ones and any other SoftLayer ones. It also offers mentoring and discussions with experts. If you want to be eligible, your company must be an Internet-dependent product or service and you must have a referral from a SoftLayer investor or advisor.
  3. Microsoft BizSpark is great for any start-up which needs access to Microsoft software development tools. You can get connected to key industry players, among which are investors. Microsoft now provides assistance to more than 45.000 start-ups around the world. BizSpark offered, from the very beginning, tools, software and licenses at no costs, to start-ups. It has 3 goals: develop and support a global ecosystem, sustain innovation, opportunity and economic growth and learn how to provide value to partners.
  4. SendGrid Accelerate is another startup resource.  It is useful for managing other companies’ automated mail responses, such as confirmation replies, given after the downloading of an app or after an online order is placed. It makes sure that the message isn’t viewed as spam and that it arrives in the customer’s inbox.
  5. TechStars is a startup incubator which offers $118.000 in seed funding, an intensive 12-week mentorship program, among 5 cities in the U.S. It also provides an alumni for 7-10% equity in the company. Some companies, after 90 days with TechStars achieved an average of $2M in follow on investment. More than 35 companies have already been acquired.

So, these are our 5 startup resources for ‘dummies’. Have you tried them before? What others do you have in mind? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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