5 types of people you’ll surely meet at a startup event

02 Aug 2014
| Last update: 06 Oct 2015

Let’s say you’re going to this over-expected, so exciting, sweeping you off your feet startup event, and all you want to do is enjoy the show, the speeches, the handshakes, the people…wait a minute! Would you really want to enjoy the people?! Reading  Greg Anderson’s thrilling post, I’ve thought of giving you a list of 6 types of people you couldn’t miss while attending a startup event. You’ll love them, hate them, laugh at them or invite them to a coffee. Either way, you couldn’t slip past them without giving them a sideways glance!

So, who are these people?

startup event[ Photo credits: Apps for Europe’s Flickr ]

At a startup event

1. The high and mighty Stick-Figure

Of course, there can’t be a startup event without a mover and shaker’s superior grin generously flaunted in everyone’s face. You could spot him from miles away. His picture and name attached to it crowds Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus; you’re following him, the man next to you follows him, and the next, and the next, and…oh well, this is never going to end. His name’s on everyone’s lips, including his own, because his startup is successful, his CV impeccable, his relations noteworthy, so what’s the matter?! The fact is the man has the most pretentious attitude you’ve ever seen. His jokes are narcissistic, his attitude is disdainful and snobbish, and his smirk, well, you’d like to shout: “wipe that smile off your face!”. For sure, to everybody’s mind, he’s only a stick-figure with a name. All you see when looking at him is that annoying great superior grin, covering three thirds of his face. Oh boy, you couldn’t miss him ever!

2. Men in Black

No, no! Not the movie! I’m talking about the bereaved, about those in deep mourning, dressed casually, not in head-to-foot black, and crying over spilled milk: “Rest in peace, my dear, dear, startup!” You couldn’t miss their heartfelt disappointment, their brimful desire of telling you everything, and letting you know they’re back in the game. You won’t skip ’em, and you’ll love ’em. Everyone needs a pill of optimism in their lives. Everyone needs a human telling them it’s alright to fail. It’s alright and there’s nothing wrong about it. Things go wrong sometimes and when you’re down, you only need to get up and fight! Pretty impressive, the men in black!

3. The all-knowing noob

Ever seen the eyes of a child doing something new and fun? Well, you’ll see plenty of pairs at a startup event! When you’re an intern, and every face and every name tinkles in your eyes and ears, you’re sure going to have dreamy stares, teen’s giggles and lots of energy! You’re get informed beforehand, impress your boss and your brand new relations, and still blunder here and there, like a noob. But your face is fun, your blunders amusing, and your knowledge impressive.

4. The “I’m-here-only-for-the-free-beer”! Oh, Oh, don’t forget the cookies! I love cookies!

I guess this is my favorite! Mostly a guest, for whom “startups”, “crowdfunding”, “growth hacking”, etc. are only buzzwords, and the speeches some sort of classical music – never known about it, never cared enough – and the great people, well, they are just his mates, his buddies. They’ll have a few drinks, chit-chat, and party all night after. His face is not one you’d like to miss, that’s why these guys are so popular and likable! They also make the craziest disasters, but nobody seems to really have a trouble with this.

5. Your professional targets

Whether it’s your boss, a great CEO or PR, a famous speaker or impressive guest, you wouldn’t miss them. You won’t get to join the hap-havoc man, while drinking his forth beer, or get wild at the party with him, because you’ve got a job to do and a superior to respect and impress. Isn’t it? Of course nobody overtly admits it, but this is exactly what they do. Putting on the best pair of jeans and a nice ironed shirt – you need to look your best, though casual, yet formal -, an unbeaten smile and a positive attitude, while being careful of your every word and attitude. Yes, there is someone there you’ve targeted and you wouldn’t miss them!

So, this is it! My list of 5 types of people you couldn’t miss at a startup event! Who wouldn’t you like to miss?

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