6 of the most inspirational startup events

29 Nov 2014
| Last update: 22 Sep 2015

If you think about it, nowadays there are so many startup events, that you don’t even know which one to go to. When you pick which one to attend, it obviously matters what you want to gain from it. If you’re looking for inspiration, for some great speakers to motivate you, and events from which you will learn something new, you’ve come to the right place. I decided to browse through some startup events, and pick some of my favorite inspirational ones. Let’s dig right into it.

1. FailCon

startup events[ Photo credits: Julia Buchner’s Flickr ]

I wrote about FailCon before, in a previous article of mine. For those of you that are not familiar with this startup event, I thought it was worth mentioning it again. I must say that this is different from your average startup events. FailCon (as you’ve probably realized from its name) aims to analyze situations in which startups have failed, and also educates people, and prepares them for success. The good thing is everyone can host FailCon in their country. You can find inspiration in anything, especially in fail stories.

2. Content Marketing World

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Since we are a content marketing startup, I just had to include Content Marketing World in this top. Unfortunately, this year’s edition took place in September. Should I even say that Kevin Spacey was one of this year’s speakers? Yes, Kevin Spacey, the awesome actor that also plays in House of Cards (I was head over heels with the first season!). Not to mention that it is the biggest content marketing event in the world. I can’t see any reason why the Content Marketing World shouldn’t be a top inspiration when it comes to content strategies. The date for the next edition is already announced (8-11 September, 2015), so mark this on your calendars.


South by Southwest is one of those startup events I’ve known about since I was kid, when I didn’t even know what a startup was. This proves the fact that it is an event that above all has tradition, and a really nice story behind it. SXSW brings together the music, film, and interactive industries. The mission for SXSW Interactive is “creativity, innovation, and inspiration”. So what better place to find your inspiration than being surrounded by industry leaders, special events, and networking sessions?

4. TechCrunch Disrupt

startup events[ Photo credits: TechCrunch’s Flickr ]

TechCrunch has been organizing Disrupt since 2011, and it turned out to be successful every year. Their annual conference is held in several cities all around the world, and it is mainly focused on technology startups, entrepreneurship, and disruptive technology. Chris Ward wrote an awesome article where he talked about 4 big things he learned at Disrupt Europe in London, this year. Give it a look to see what Disrupt is all about.

5. StartupChicks

Yes, you read that right! StartupChicks was founded in 2009, and since that moment their mission is to inspire entrepreneurs to succeed in the startup world, help women connect with each other much easier, and also educate them through their workshops and seminars. If you’re a woman and you find it hard to integrate or even connect with entrepreneurs, then StartupChicks is the right choice for you. Check out their website to see if they are coming to a city near you.

6. Go Youth Conference

The best time to express your creativity and start doing something big is in your youth. Thankfully, you’re not alone. The Go Youth Conference is a pioneer event, where young minds get together, get inspired, and share ideas with industry leaders. Young people are sometimes afraid, unsure, or simply do not know how to start their own business. Thanks to a group of young entrepreneurs, now they have a place where they can introduce themselves into an environment that is powerful and inspiring.

Startup events – the place to find your inspiration

It was hard for me to choose only 6 inspirational startup events, since there are hundreds of them. Now it’s your turn, so tell me: What was the most inspirational startup event you attended? Share it with me down in the comments.

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