7 Airplane Travel Essentials for Your Carry-on Bag

7 Airplane Travel Essentials for Your Carry-on Bag

25 May 2015
| Last update: 10 Nov 2015

Travelling by plane can be stressful and exhausting. It leaves many people feeling anxious, especially if it’s a long flight. But with the right travel essentials, you can make your flight much more pleasant.

If you’ve traveled by plane before, then you know what to expect. If you haven’t, then my tips will hopefully help you pack exactly what you need so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

1. Bring and drink lots of water

Travelling by plane is very dehydrating for your body and for your skin as well. So, before you get on board, make sure you have a bottle of water and that you drink a lot from it. I believe that the water bottle is the most important thing out of all the travel essentials.

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2. Travel neck pillow

If you’re going to be sitting on a chair for several hours, then you should at least be comfortable. Neck pillows are the best! They are easy to carry, they feel like heaven and they will definitely help you sleep well.

3. Travel size toothbrush or gum

I personally can’t live without chewing gum. I honestly don’t think there’s ever been a day in my life when I left the house without having some gum on me.

A travel size toothbrush or some gum will come in handy because it’s always nice to have pleasant breath. Plus, you never know who you’re going to end up chatting with during all those long hours <wink>.

4. Medicine for emergency situations

Airplane rides can be eventful and unexpected, so you have to prepare for almost everything if you want to have a pleasant flight. You can get a headache, you can become nauseous or experience all sorts of things you cannot prevent.

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So pack all the medicine you think you’re going to need in your carry-on bag, so that your body doesn’t surprise you in a negative way.

5. A laptop and your phone/a book

What better way to kill some time during your flight then to watch some movies, TV shows or listen to some music? If you don’t know whether you’re going to be near an outlet, then make sure your laptop and phone are fully charged.

Books are also great because they will keep you busy for some time. Since books are so heavy and take up a lot of space, you can choose an audiobook or a Kindle version of your favorite book instead.

6. Earplugs and headphones

Earplugs can help you a lot if you have problems with the discomfort caused by air pressure. Headphones are a must if you want to watch a movie or listen to some music, since you don’t want to disturb the other passengers.

7. Deodorant/body spray

After spending so many hours in a small space, you will definitely need to freshen up. You should smell good even when you’re travelling, so travel essentials like deodorant or body spray are a must.

What are your travel essentials during an airplane ride?

I shared mine. Now it’s time you shared yours. So tell me: What is one thing you never forget to pack in your carry-on when you travel by plane?

PS: One last tip before you go: Don’t forget to dress in comfy clothes and wear shoes that will keep you warm.

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