7 Reasons to Drop Multitasking

7 Reasons to Drop Multitasking

19 Mar 2014
| Last update: 05 Oct 2015

It’s possible that we are busier than ever at work, so we may be tempted to try to finish off a few things at the same time, and honestly, there are times when multitasking method is effective.

You should consider checking this out, though, if multiple tasks occurs regularly during your work day. Recent research demonstrates that syndicating both isn’t helpful, and can cause damage.

Here you can find several of the most crucial arguments for the harmfulness of multitasking.

A quick suggestion: You shouldn’t attempt to do anything else while you read them.

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The 7 reasons to drop multitasking:

1.  We’re not as effective when perform multiple tasks simultaneously

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Although this might appear to be unnatural, it has been found that multitasking really hinders us rather than helping us finish more in less time. This happens because our minds aren’t able to concentrate so well on more than one task at a time. Actually, rather than handling more than one thing at a time, we are just quickly bouncing from one to the other.

That fluctuation in concentration might be quite fast, but eventually the forfeited time accumulates, and so does the time needed to direct our attention to a single assignment, and then to another, instead of really applying ourselves to that assignment.

2.  We receive less info doing multitasking

It has been shown through brain scans that when we attempt to multitask, we actually concentrate on particular features of each undertaking, while missing other features. Consider texting while driving. Although you may quickly take a look to be sure your position in the lane is okay, or that there isn’t any pressing peril in front of you, but then you might be overlooking the danger in your mirrors or other signals that you could get into an accident.

3.  It’s more difficult to learn new things while multitasking

When we attempt to accomplish several things at one time, our brain handles information differently. Because of this variance, it is much more difficult to recover information which was “learned” during multitasking. That means we weren’t actually acquiring much, or being very productive, at all.

4.  Execution is reduced during multiple tasks

Although we might feel like we’re accomplishing multiple assignments as well as we can, we really don’t execute as well when we attempt to accomplish more than one task at a time. If we pause to consider how our performance improves when we can really concentrate on one assignment, it’s very logical that our execution decreases with each extra assignment we attempt at one time.

Actually, a current analysis demonstrated that you can lose 10 points off of your IQ when you perform multiple tasks simultaneously!

5. Multitasking increases stress hormones and adrenaline

In order to lower your stress level, you should decrease the amount you attempt at one time. Sustained multiple tasks
causes these levels to be continually raised, which can be catastrophic to our health.

6. Multiple tasks makes us angry and impulsive

In addition, there can be temperamental ramifications from the chemical variations in the brain mentioned above, like causing us to seem constantly angry. They can also diminish our self-control, which can cause many kinds of impulsive behavior.

7.  Performing multiple tasks simultaneously shortens our attention spans

If we give more time to multitasking, we’ll discover that it’s more difficult to concentrate on only one thing. Knowing this it shouldn’t be surprising that so many people nowadays are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

Are you a multitasking person?  Tell me in the comment field, below 🙂

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