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Squirrly used to be described as "The Game that Gets Your Products Noticed on Over-Drive" by TechCrunch, back in 2012.

In 2018, Squirrly can be described as the Company that builds top marketing software. Squirrly SEO and Starbox are currently Leaders in their industries.

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- Neil Patel, Internationally-Acclaimed Digital Marketing Expert

Starbox is the Personal Branding Solution used by Authors, CEOs and Experts.

Website Analysis Plugin: Check Social Signals and SEO Metrics for any page.

SEO Software

Agency: Blogging as a Service. Get quality content written by experts at Squirrly.

Squirrly SEO: Go from "Never Found" to Always Found on the first page of Google.

Analytics Solution

ContentLook: Know Everything About Your Content.

Our Products:

Social Media Tools

Squirrly Social: One Year of Social Media Posts in a Flash.

Website Analysis

Content Writing

Personal Branding

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