A Cyber Monday recap through ContentLook

02 Dec 2014
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

Top sites on Cyber Monday

Deals worth more than £650 million according to the Independent stunned us all on the 1st of December 2014.

People have invaded the online stores in the hope of buying that so wanted thing for a bargain. Cyber Monday follows Black Friday and Thanksgiving and many websites have prepared for waves and waves of shoppers.

Discounts were huge, up to 60% on almost everything, but low prices weren’t the only ones assuring a website’s success. I want to see which were the top rated sites on Cyber Monday and whether their success also comes from a refined content marketing strategy.

ContentLook on Cyber Monday

ContentLook is a powerful website analysis tool, which gives you a detailed report of your site, identifying any issue it might pose. It tackles 6 main areas: Blogging, Authority, SEO, Social Media, Traffic and Links.

It also offers you detailed insight into the problems and ways to solve them through how-to articles, tips and awesome videos.

I want to take a look at the first 3 websites in the top 8 websites on Cyber Monday as proposed by the Independent and see what ContentLook has to say about them:

1. Amazon

It’s Amazon, everybody! Amazon is always first. It seems this widely known online store has been already giving discount sales for over a week, adding new products every 10 minutes and taking them down when they’re sold out.

Check out the analysis made by ContentLook:

amazon contentlook cyber monday


As a highly influential web-store, Amazon has an overall good score.

If you take a look at the audit, you can see that it has perfected Traffic and Authority, and the section Links is lacking only in No-Follow links.

Amazon seems to be so successful because of how shared it is, of its traffic and the links directing to it.

Actually it has: 133 million Majestic Backlinks, 74 million Twitter Backlinks and 995.000 Alexa Backlinks.

You can also see that its Authority comes from the Google Page Rank of 8 and the Domain Age of 15 years. Not to mention, the Alexa Rank is only of 6.

I say it’s no wonder Amazon is in our top 8 websites winning Cyber Monday customers 🙂

2. John Lewis

It seems John Lewis gets the second place as it matches the competitors’ prices on a range of products over the shopping weekend.

Check out the analysis made by ContentLook:


john lewis cyber monday

This is a really great score, the web-store has perfected 3 domains: Traffic, Links and Authority, and SEO and Social are almost complete.

When it comes to Authority, their Domain Age is as old as Amazon’s, however their PR is 6 and their Alexa Rank is about 1900. So, this could be a clue in placing them on second place.

When it comes to Links, you can see a clear difference between them and Amazon: about 1 million Majestic Backlinks, 5.000 Twitter ones, and 9.000 Alexa ones.

They’ve managed to improve more of the website, but difference is evident in the numbers of links.

3. Currys

This is our top’s number 3 and the last site we’re going to submit for analysis.

It has discounted a various range of electronics, ranging from TVs to coffee machines. Everything was on sale until it was sold out.

Check out the analysis made by ContentLook:

cyber monday

As you can see from the audit, this web-store has also perfected Authority and Traffic. However, Links is lacking as in the case of Amazon when it comes to No-follow links.

Let’s compare Currys’s results with our online stores on the first two positions.

When it comes to links, they only have about 230.000 Majestic Backlinks, 23.000 Twitter Backlinks and 2.000 Alexa ones.

With regard to Authority, they have a 4-year Domain Age, their PR is 5, and the Alexa Rank is about 3.800.

It’s clear that while their overall score is better than Amazon’s they couldn’t rank higher in this top. Why? Let’s see what makes the difference for an online store.

What to learn from these 3 Cyber Monday perfectionists

Did you see that all of this websites tried to perfect 3 main areas: Authority, Links and Traffic?

As a rule, for an online business, these 3 areas are key elements if you want to attract customers, engage them, turn them into loyal clients and actually sale your products.

When it comes to Traffic, all 3 stores are masters. Why?

As you can find in the tips and articles on ContentLook, “Traffic is one of the most important elements in the success of your website. You need a large number of people to visit your site in order to help your ranking and conversion rates.”

Basically, any online store needs a lot of customers in order for it to be successful. You can attract visitors if you rank high on search engines, if your site is trusted and valuable. People that like and trust you, not only will come to you to buy what you sell, but they will also become loyal clients ( in other words, they will “convert”) and they will spread word about you.

What can you deduct from the results regarding Authority?

The ranks in our top have not been determined by the general score of task completion the websites have obtained, but it lies in specific details. It lies in numbers.

Both Amazon and John Lewis have a 15-year domain, while Currys only a 4-year one.

When it comes to the PR (Google Page Rank) Amazon has obtained 8 (10 is the best), while John Lewis a 6 and Currys a 5. This is not such a huge difference, but Alexa Rank settles the score.

Tip (you can also find more info on this on ContentLook): The lower the Alexa Rank, the more popular the site!

Amazon wins with the lowest Alexa Rank, an impressive 5. You can see that the others, while taking a good score, are not nearly close.

What actually sets the difference is Links.

A successful online business is one that people know about and spread the word about. In the online world you can most easily spread word by inserting a link directing at something. In this case a web-store.

Now, you get a clear picture of why Amazon is a winner by far. The number of links it has are of the range of millions, and it can’t be equaled by any of the two stores coming on second and third place.

Do you like how ContentLook works?

It’s been actually a pleasant experience to put the 3 websites from the top 8 of Cyber Monday sites to the test and analyse their success with ContentLook. You can find the rest of the list here, in case you want to play some more.

Now you’ve seen the magic of ContentLook and how it can be a great web analysis tool, which enables you not only to see the efficiency of your website, but also how you stand when it comes to your competitors, you might want to use it some more.

Go ahead and try it out! It’s free!

P.S.: This is not a special Cyber Monday offer! ContentLook will always be free!




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