A Guide to the inner-workings of Google

A Guide to the inner-workings of Google

17 Sep 2013
| Last update: 18 Sep 2013

Everybody knows what Google is. When you think about the internet the top result is Google. It’s that pretty face you’ll always remember. But what hides behind it?

Here are 8 tricks you never knew Google had:

1. Can’t remember who came with “To be or not to be”? Google got your back. You can actually search for exact quotes using  quotation marks and Google does the rest for you. Of course if you use quotation marks the search will discard individual keywords or different combinations of the used words.

2. Are you in need of specific information belonging to a certain site or domain? Type the keyword followed by “site:” and Google will send its itsy bitsy spiders exclusively there. Here’s an example: Say if I want to find all the articles about marketing on Squirrly.co( don’t get me wrong, our techie has our own search engine on a tight leash but say i want to get the most direct route and google.com is my homepage)all I have to do is type “marketing site:squirrly.co” and Google will return all the pages from squirrly.co that contain that keyword.

3. Google can actually search based on the type of files you’re looking for. Say you are in desperate need for some muffins and you want the recipe printed asap to have it with you in the kitchen. Just type “muffin recipe filetype:pdf” and don’t forget to put the oven on low-heat. The filetype function works for most of the popular extensions like PPT,XLS,RAR, etc.

4. If you want to omit certain keywords from your search it’s as simple as deductions . It really is. Maybe you don’t want any cocoa in your muffins. Just type “muffin recipe –cocoa” and enjoy your cocoa free muffins.

Google’s first Doodle featuring the Burning Man Logo

5. If you are the kind of person that likes his intervals Google will search them for you. You’re on a budget and you really want a squirrel, I sure am craving for one this time of the year, just type “Squirrel 50 USD.. 300 USD” and..  Google will return no results. Of course it won’t . Squirrels are not for sale. But if you’re interested in some top-shelf SEO squirrel we got this one  Squirrly that has your name on it. You can also use this function to show results for values “higher than”.

6. Google actually has an integrated calculator in its search engine. Just type the equation and Google will return the result. It can crunch some pretty complex equations for what it’s worth.

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7. You can localize your search results by ending your search with the Zip Code of the area you wish to search in.

8. Google actually has a fairly extensive understanding of the English language or any other language for that matter. If you want to include in your search results synonymous keywords  you just have to insert ~ in front of the search terms.

Stay tuned for the second part of the article in which we’ll discuss how you can combine Squirrly SEO with these features to increase your visibility even more.

Until then remember: “ With great powers comes great responsibilities”.

Alexandru Coroiu

Alexandru Coroiu

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