Access to the Recorded Video from our Launch Event for Squirrly Social

06 Nov 2018

Squirrly Social was officially launched on 24th October 2018. One hundred tickets were sold out in just four days. The event was a great success.

We want to share with you our Live Event held on Youtube.

But wait, don’t save the link in your bookmarks. You can have access to our Recorded Video from the Launch Event for Squirrly Social for 24Hours only. Only! No time for saving it for later. It’s now or never.

Recorded Video for the Launch Event for Squirrly Social:

Start playing the video. Don’t forget! 24Hours ONLY! Enjoy the show 🙂

Andreea Muresan-Leau

Andreea Muresan-Leau

Company Operations at Squirrly at
Happily managing marketing @SquirrlyHQ - Apprentice of the Delivering Happiness Movement. Big fan of Digital Marketing Superstars program
Andreea Muresan-Leau