Adopt Nutty, The Crazy Squirrel

16 Nov 2013
| Last update: 05 Dec 2014


Hello! I’m Nutty and I’m crazy 🙂

I love to do crazy stuff, to get squirrly and to make my friends laugh. If you want me to juggle, I can juggle for you. If you want me to sing to you, I can sing.If you want to see me falling from 100 feet, I can even show you how I can use my tail as a parachute.

And even more, I can juggle, sing and fall at the same time! I can do everything you want, but I have to warn you that sometimes I can make some mess.. But because I’m such a cute squirrel I’m sure you will get over it really fast. So, if you want to have some fun with a really crazy squirrel, than adopt the Nutty Squirrel! 🙂

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