An effective way to do WordPress SEO on a small budget

An effective way to do WordPress SEO on a small budget

13 Feb 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

I have been talking about different ways in which a small business can do great content marketing and WordPress SEO. But who am I kidding?! Most people out there don’t have the opportunity to just say: “Hey, I’ll call an agency to help me with this part!”. Most bloggers and site-owners are a one person army that have to tackle all the problems of promoting and making the most of their online business on their own. So, can you do this on a strict small budget and actually see some WordPress SEO results? The answer is YES. Let’s see how.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

If your whole content marketing, social media and optimization team consists only of yourself, what you need to do first is to make some clear decisions from the very beginning. Decide how much time you can invest in your online business on a regular basis. You might have a job or you could be a student at the same time, so you need to decide how much time you are going to spend on the WordPress SEO, content creation and social media promotion.

With limited resources, choosing to expand to a big number of platforms isn’t a smart idea. Rather than doing that, you should draw a clear idea of your audience. Who are they and where can you find them ? From there on you can decide what are the social media platforms on which you could find them. Search a demographic infographic on social media on the internet (there are many) and make a rough estimate. If this WordPress SEO situation is too ambiguous, you can go with the most popular ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or maybe YouTube.

Getting started with WordPress SEO

Many aspects of Search Engine Optimization are connected to creating a good structure from the starting point. Make sure your site has a sitemap, a robot file, and that your site can be indexed by search engines. To see how the site is already doing, you can access Content look for free. It’s an audit that will give you a clear view of all the aspects of  WordPress SEO, links, authority, blogging, traffic and socialization. It also offers actionable advice on how to make things better.

If you establish this from the offset, then, from here on, your SEO work will be much easier. As you may know, WordPress SEO has two major parts: the on-page and the off-page optimization. You need to focus only on optimizing each piece of content you create. It will require some extra work after coming up with each article, but it will make them all count in the overview of your inbound marketing strategy.

Consistency in content creation

Depending on your schedule, decide on how often you can create content. Remember this is not your only task in the on-line world, as WordPress SEO and social media feeding require time as well. If you decide that you are going to create only one article a week it’s ok, but be consistent. Don’t skip one week just because you were too busy or too tired. It is very important for your audience and for Google as well.

To help you stick to your program you can start building an editorial calendar. This way you will answer some other important questions, such as what you want to write and what you plan to achieve with all the content. You can add some useful WordPress SEO tips to each post ideas, like what keywords you are going to focus on.

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After you have created your articles, you need to promote them. I know, once again, the size of the work load I am putting on your shoulders. But the truth is that if you don’t do this part, all the others will have been in vain. How do you think people will know about your work if you don’t promote it yourself?! Ask friends and colleagues to give you a helping hand with a like, a share or a re-tweet. In WordPress SEO this might not influence your site, but it will be quite important for boosting your authority and growing your social community.

Don’t expect people to help you on the internet, if you aren’t active on it from the start. Share people’s materials and become friends with them. You should also explore many sites. You’ll learn different concepts about WordPress SEO and your field, and your comments might bring you a link back to your site.


If you decide to tackle the online world on your own, make sure to stick to the right decisions from the very beginning. Be honest with yourself and realize how much time you have to offer this project. Consider also that even if your resources are limited, what is most important is to make the most out of them. Focus on your efforts and on the important aspects, like Content creation, WordPress SEO and the right social media promotion.

Do you have any questions ? Can’t wait to hear them all in the comment section.