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21 Apr 2013
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017
There have recently been some announcements about how the world has gone Squirrly and we started receiving offers from some pretty great startups from the internet marketing areas. One of our favorites by far is AtContent. Let me tell you a story…

Alex from AtContent is a passionate entrepreneur and I am happy to have known him. He is passionate about content marketing and along with Nikita, Vadim and 5 other engineers, a great team, they got all squirrly and built AtContent.

What does it do?

It does some great things for content marketing and also for SEO. I’ll start with the SEO part, since I’m a SEO person. Most probably, you are also interested especially in the SEO part, since you’re reading our post.

Every time you publish one of your articles from AtContent, you get a backlink from their site, that has authority. Say you write 100 articles, that’s 100 more links back to you and more then that, they are inbound links to your article, not just your main webpage. Pretty cool for quality SEO! This will help you get better indexing / article.


[UPDATE:] Just one more thing here: What I’ve written above is good White Hat SEO that you can do. I have tested with some of my articles and it works sweet. They’ve made some cool stuff that allows the Google crawlers to index the content you post from AtContent. Killer feature!

It also helps wordpress users, like you and me (I have about 5 blogs on at the current date. Had even more if I take the ones from 2004 into account), to own the content they write. Yes, you read that right. By posting your article on their platform, you can be sure that you are the sole owner of that certain piece of content. They even have a tool that checks if anyone managed to steal it somehow. I guess it’s hard to steal it, since they cloak it from the source code and also don’t allow copy+paste on site. Of course, this will not stop the 1% (those nasty people who just don’t quit untill they’ve stolen), but it will still go a long way in helping you when it comes to protecting what you write and owning it.

Also, for owning your content, they made sure you can get money if someone chooses to post what you’ve written into their own publication. I think this is an amazing feature, because you can sell your content online. Let me tell you, I’ve known many people who had a go at this idea (of helping people sell their content) and they didn’t exactly do a good job. Look out for AtContent! They’re going at it, and so far they seem to be doing fantastic.

Go ahead, it’s totally worth a shot to see their offering (oh yeah, it’s Free and it may help you make money!):

They also went ahead and built a wordpress plugin for it: – has a nice integration into the wp platform.

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