The Best SaaS Companies Are Customer-Funded. Read the Squirrly Example.

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Update: 7,479 Subscriptions Sold and Why Squirrly Became One of the Best SaaS Companies … The Customer-Funded model works best for SaaS.

“Do Good Things and Good Things Will Come To You” – This is a quote that I’m thinking of starting. I know there have been many variations of this, and even Cobra Kai Season 3 had its own version of this, but I’m guessing it’s true.

And looking at the charts today, I see that it really is.

7,479 New Subscriptions (recurring subscriptions) sold by the Squirrly Company, since our first product launched on the market on 1st Feb 2013.

The Best SaaS Companies are Customer-Funded.

How did we achieve that? Why did it work for us?

From 1st Feb in 2013 to 8 Jan in 2021, we sold 7,479 subscriptions with recurring automatic payments.

It’s important to see how many business owners and decision makers in different companies trust our very own Company and the products which we bring to market every single year.

We’ve always focused on offering much more than what we asked for and we’ve made incredible contributions to business owners who were completely lost before trying our products and before meeting us.

Many people in many companies found success with our methods, our tools and our training programs and we’ve always kept affordable prices, so that we can make all this available to anyone, not just to a few corporations.

I’ve always believed that tech (and especially the Intelligent Personal Assistants for Digital Marketing that we create) can make a great impact on the world, by allowing any small business and freelancer to compete and win in markets that were usually overrun by untouchable giants.

Seeing the success of our customers, I know now that we’ve managed to do more than just believe. We made it happen.

We’ve helped people become Kings and Queens of the WWW and the world noticed. Which is why so many decided to get their SaaS subscriptions from us. Automatic Recurring Payments. Because we just keep delivering a lot of value to them.

Why Squirrly Became One of the Best SaaS Companies:

There’s More:

I put such great weight on the automatic recurring payments (the monthly and yearly subscriptions) because they talk a great deal about how much customers trust us after trying our products.

However: there’s a lot more that we sell, which hasn’t been placed here:

We’ve had many customers over the many years that we’ve been in business and we’re extremely grateful for the ones who kept investing in us.

After our first Angel Investment Round in 2012 we didn’t take additional funding rounds, because we were lucky enough to have so many thousands of clients who invested in us themselves.

“The best investments are the ones that your clients make in your business” – Florin Muresan…. here, I can actually make this quote official. I’ve believed it since 2013 when we turned down a massive potential investment, by realizing that we needed more great clients, not more investors.

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