Best WordPress SEO Plugin Series – Episode 1 SEO in 2013

05 Apr 2013
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017
These days, a lot of good folks who use WordPress are seeking out the best wordpress seo plugin. While there are many good plugins out there on wordpress, few of them are actually great, much less worthy of the title: “Best”.

best wordpress seo pluginWe set up our little Squirrly friends with night vision goggles, complicated maps, Google Glasses, and even google search (go figure!), to try and find the best wordpress SEO Plugin.

What would the best wordpress seo plugin have to offer?

It should, first of all, be all white-hat and be up to date with the updates that came up post Panda and Penguin (Yoast and a few others, are outdated from this point of view). SEO in 2013 is ever changing and shifting from non-sensical meta keyword stuffing to real content optimization for search engines.

Yoast’s tasks are the same old, same old. It doesn’t warn users against the fact that the keyword you’re optimizing your article for has to be different than the domain name. This one advice that Squirrly gives has helped many of our customers and it also earned us the respect of some very important SEO experts.
Otherwise, seo by yoast is a good plugin, perhaps the best free plugin out there, but SEO needs more than that in order to really be competitive. Most of our users use Yoast and Squirrly together, anyway and it’s a good match.

In the future, we may also try out Joost de Valk’s (founder of Yoast) Local SEO plugin and see how well it works combined with Squirrly. So far our products work great together, and we’d like to promote Local SEO to our customers as well, as it’s becoming really important to have local seo for your business.SEO in 2013 is also about links coming from guest blogs and quality off-page SEO, not to mention social signals (it was important in 2012 also, but right now it became heavy!), so the best wordpress seo plugin should also come equiped with a Social Signals analytics.

This is what our fully-equiped team of squirrlys will be searching for.

See you in Episode 2 with one finding that made us here at the SquirrlyHQ really curious. And eager to cover in the hereby series.


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