Best WordPress SEO Plugin Series – Episode 2 Is It a Ninja?

30 Apr 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

The very first episode of the Best WordPress SEO Plugin Series caused quite an uproar in the wp community and the conflict ended up in the Press.You can read about the reaction to the first episode we did, on, under Early Stage Startup Ruffles Competitors Feathers as it makes a Bold Entrance into the WordPress SEO Market.

In the second episode we should take a look at one of the most important aspects that should be considered in our search for the best wordpress seo plugin: the developer or the company behind it.


best wordpress seo plugin


Is the best wordpress seo plugin made by a Ninja, or is it made by someone reliable?

What we refer to as ninjas are developers who build seo plugins for wordpress, but you can never get to know who they trully are. They may reply to emails or to forum posts, but they still hide behind their computer and don’t show any form of identification, like a social network account, a skype id, nothing.

In our experience the people who hide their identity like this are people who don’t believe too much in what they are building. It is really not a matter of whether they make a good plugin or a bad one, but it’s just that they don’t think that what they build is good enough. Most of the times, they really build bad, buggy products and don’t care about fixing the issues that appear.

A Company, on the other hand, is much more reliable, as they do their best in trying to solve their customers pains. Here we’re talking about companies like Squirrly UK and It’s much better to know that the plugin you’re using was crafted by professionals, since you do want to have success with the best wordpress seo plugin available on the market.

Companies and personal brands can also offer you goodies. Squirrly UK, for example, offers a Free Coaching Session on WordPress SEO: time we are going to delve into the subject of Free and whether or not free is the way to go..

Have you ever been satisfied with a product that was built by someone you couldn’t reach out to? Did you have the courage to try one out? Comment!


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