Awesome Ways To Eliminate Distractions & Get Back To Work!

01 Sep 2015
eliminate distractions

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to eliminate distractions. A distraction is something that should be used AFTER you’ve completed an arduous task as a reward or as a break from working too diligently. However, in most cases, distractions are present BEFORE the task or project is completed. The best way to…

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7 Proven Tips For Writing Engaging Content

20 Aug 2015
engaging content

You go online and all you can see is content. Bad content, good content, engaging content. It’s all there. It’s like being in Times Square in New York City. All you see around you are gigantic colorful billboards that want to suck you into their fantasy. It’s a battle of who’s…

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7 Social Media Tools You Will Need in 2015

11 Aug 2015
social media tools

Recently, online marketing pivoted and began to focus more on behavior and engagement on social media. Therefore, in order to make the best of your strategy when promoting your product, you need a few helpers. Not furry, adorable, ones like in stories, but close enough. They range from user analytics…

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How to Improve Visual Content Marketing for Your Business

by Tim
11 Jul 2015
Instagram is great for visual content marketing.

Are you tired of putting tremendous amounts of time and effort into creating valuable content, only for it to generate very little traffic for your landing or home page? You’re not alone in this struggle. Business owners worldwide fail to market their ideas properly because they barely focus on visual content marketing.…

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5 Startup Myths That Will Ruin Your Small Business

by Tim
21 Jun 2015
your small business

Starting and owning a small business can definitely be a roller coaster of emotions at first, especially consisting of anxiety and fear of failure. No need to worry though, since things will get better with time. However, if you want to ensure your startup will prosper, then you need to…

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