Building Up Mental Fortitude Like A Navy SEAL

26 May 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

It’s only natural to assume that being powerful from a physical point of view is generally all it takes to achieve success in life. This is a nice thought, but in reality it goes beyond just physical strength. In order to achieve great things you also need mental fortitude. Being strong from a mental point of view has a myriad of benefits to offer. And who knows more about mental fortitude than a Navy SEAL? During their training they not only endure physical hardships, but mental ones as well.

If you want to achieve the mental endurance and strength of a SEAL, there are certain principles you need to take into account to live your life by:

1. More often than not, you’ll have to put others before you.

In order to achieve the mental strength of a Navy SEAL you need to understand how important it is to help others. It builds character and teaches you the value of teamwork. This doesn’t mean you have to put others ahead of you in all aspects of life and only think about their needs. Your priorities come first, but a true Navy SEAL ensures they will not be a burden on his/her teammates.

Being a Navy SEAL is all about helping your team mates.[ Photo Credits: Robert S. Digby’s flickr ]

Today’s society and technology makes it easy to get lost in the social media stream and only think about how special you are without even considering your friends. Once you understand what it means to do what’s best for you and your team will you be able to achieve the mental strength of a Navy SEAL.

2. True Navy SEAL mental fortitude is all about crushing doubt.

This is a must, especially in this day and age. The Internet is overwhelmed by articles that keep saying you need to stop second-guessing your decisions and yourself. However, this is foolish to believe. You won’t be able to be physically and mentally strong like a Navy SEAL if you keep basing your decisions on the first thought that goes through your mind.

Giving in to your basic instincts and not second-guessing what goes through your mind doesn’t mean you are brave and willing to take risks, but that you are naive and lack self-control. Take all the time you need to mull over all your thoughts before making a decision. It will help you endure hardships and learn patience.

3. Never give in to your emotions.

You might have heard people telling you time and time again it’s impossible to control your emotions because the mind always dictates what the body does. Understand that these people lack willpower and self-control. Science has actually proven that achieving control over your emotions is possible. Feeling like your willpower is fading away? Start flexing your muscles!

If you want to be mentally powerful like a Navy SEAL, then you need to keep your emotions in check. The fact that military officers are obsessed with perfect posture might be a stereotype, but the beneficial effects are backed up by data. Tensing your muscles and keeping a perfect posture will definitely work to your advantage in the long run.

4. Keep yourself busy and reach your potential.

Overcoming huge obstacles in life might seem intimidating at first, but if you break them down in smaller, more manageable tasks you’ll find it easier to face them head-on. Also, keep in mind that a true Navy SEAL always ensures he/she does something productive every day. You’re about to go to bed, but you still feel as if you can accomplish more. Drop down and do some push-ups! It will strengthen your physical and mental fortitude, allowing you to go to sleep knowing you didn’t waste any time today.

Reaching high levels of mental fortitude can be difficult on your own. Instead of getting discouraged, why not re-read the first principle? Join our team and we’ll show you how to build mental strength like a real Navy SEAL. Check out our website and blog and all your questions will be answered.




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