Business Planning Your Greatest Wins. Step by Step Guide for Squirrly Business Level

26 Jan 2018
| Last update: 18 Feb 2019

I’ve already presented the ideas behind the Business Plan of Squirrly SEO.

In this article there will be very little talk, and mostly just screenshots of guided steps. From Basic Account to Trial of the Business Plan.

Then I’ll show you our own account with hints, tests, ideas.

Let’s go:

We begin by going to WordPress -> Squirrly -> Performance Analytics.

Then, click See Details about the 7 Days Trial of the Business Plan. The business plan works awesome with the new Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase. I’ll show you all about it in this guided tour.

You’ll get to see details about the benefits and features. Remember: Just like the PRO. covers 7 WordPress sites.

Start your Free 7 Days Trial. After trial is over, everything in your account goes 100% to normal.

Here you see that you’ve activated the trial. You also see how many days you have left.

Back to WordPress. Refresh the wp-admin to see that Performance Analytics transformed into Advanced Analytics (covered only by the Business Plan). Good-bye performance Analytics.

Hello Business Level Analytics. This is for my site. I tried to use it for personal branding, but you’ll see that other than two keywords which are important for my work at Squirrly, I didn’t really have time to rank anything else.

It already detected 10 keywords that I’ve used in my articles. As opposed to ALL OTHER solutions, Squirrly SEO will know exactly what you’ve already used and place data in automatically. You’ll not waste any more time with manual labor for this part of SERP checking. With Briefcase integration it will be even better.

So, here are 10 keywords it already knows.

This right here happens due to switching to the new Analytics. If you encounter this, just look at what I’m showing you next.

Hit that button. (remove local ranks)

Awesome. You’ve now finished the update. Look at the green Congrats message. I can see my keywords, how many times I’ve already used them in my content and I can tell Squirrly not to waste my precious Business Level queries on useless keywords.

Here I’m checking off the ones I don’t need.

I leave just the ones that I’d want to rank for. You’ll see that for two of them I already rank. They are the main purpose this site exists. PRO TIP: [name] + [bio] is the best way to go if you’re trying to rank for your personal brand.

If I want, I could add a new keyword. I’ll do this just to show you how it works.

I place a keyword and a URL to check for it.

You can see it right here. Look at the two arrows. One shows the new keywords. One shows where I can find the keywords I chose to ignore from now on (in case I’ll ever want to see them again or get them back in)

Let’s go!

First day. First check.

This is when the data was updated. It will be helpful for you.

I’m deciding to see how the settings were made. Let’s see what I have on this trial.

Better options will appear and more customizations once you pay for the Business Plan.

Business Plan trial is active. Squirrly API will bring your ranking information. Advanced Analytics is where you see it al. 5 Queries / day during the Trial mode. Many more when you buy. You get a lot of options to customize how you want them used.

Hmm… there was one keyword that I wanted checked faster than the trial allowed at first run. As I said, there’s a lot of stuff you can control.

Here’s how you can use Briefcase to manage your Advanced Analytics. Let’s add two keywords in briefcase.

Done. I also placed “florin muresan bio”

Click the arrow. I now see a page of mine that uses the new keyword I wanted in Briefcase. It says that the page is in queue. It will get verified soon.

But I pressed the UPDATE button and made Squirrly check it now. I’m ranking #1 on Google for it.

Now, moving back to Advanced Analytics, I can see that it took the keyword and the rank from Briefcase.

Now, that was the trial. That was for a very incomplete website that I only have for the purpose of serving info to those who search my name.

Pam Pam!

I bring to you: Screens from the Squirrly Dashboard.

We placed 504 keywords just to run tests and see how we can scale the checker, to make sure everything is perfect.

Then you can see that we rank #11 on average with pages and keywords. There are 16 ranking changes that happened recently.

Let’s look at those changes. There are 16 of them after all.

Click on 16.

Green means UP. Red means DOWN. And it shows you how many position. The logic checks as you can see below. If some page goes up another goes down. “ceo of squirrly” and “squirrly 2015” shows this.

Then, once you’ve studied changes, choose to SEE All ranks again.

Good. Now, if you look at the bottom of the image, you’ll see 817 items that could be ranked. Of course, this is mostly dummy data, caused by the test keywords. If I click on 11, however, it will show me only the keywords that I currently rank with now. We rank with about 90 of them.

Keep Ranking!

Thanks for taking this guided tour. Try Business Today.