Charging Myths That Will Ruin Your Mobile Phone

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 25 Aug 2017

Hearing the notification that announces your mobile phone’s battery is almost depleted is something most people dread. This is because pretty much everybody relies on mobile devices, be it for entertainment or for work.

your mobile phone

This is why people are very interested in phone charging information and always looking for tips that will help them extend the lifespan of the battery.

However, this is where the problem of misinformation comes into play. While looking for all those tips online, you can easily come across some “pointers” that do more harm than good. If you want what is best for your mobile phone, stay away from these phone charging myths:

1. Off-brand chargers need to be avoided like the plague.

Plenty of people believe that off-brand chargers will significantly, if not permanently, damage their mobile batteries. However, this is extremely far-fetched. At worst, off-brand chargers will not be as efficient as their counterparts. Understand that this does not mean they will ruin your mobile phone. The battery just won’t last as long.

Instead of avoiding off-brand chargers that can actually save you money if you purchase them from reliable retailers,  stay away from knockoffs. Those things not only won’t get the job done, but they will also be a huge waste of money.

2. Leaving your mobile phone to charge overnight will kill its battery.

You need to give your phone more credit. Contrary to popular belief, a mobile device is designed to know when it’s fully charged and put an end to the process. So even if you leave your phone to charge overnight, this doesn’t mean the battery will be subjected to anything at all.


However, this doesn’t mean you should leave it charging each night, especially if the battery isn’t depleted. Doing so won’t exactly damage your phone’s battery, but it will decrease its efficiency. This means it won’t last you as long as it normally should.

3. Mobile phones should never be turned off.

Just because most mobile devices are capable of managing their battery’s lifespan doesn’t mean they don’t need occasional rest periods. This doesn’t mean that you should turn off your mobile phone a couple of times per day. Just once or twice per week or at least when you’re sleeping.

Even though you might find this hard to believe, turning your phone off every once in a while will actually increase the life expectancy of its battery.

4. Only charge your mobile phone once the battery is completely depleted.

This could not be farther from the truth. Doing this will completely damage your phone’s battery, making it unstable. You need to understand that each mobile phone battery has a certain number of cycles when it comes to being charged. Once it runs out of cycles, it’s not usable anymore.

Letting your phone’s battery get completely depleted just means you’re wasting a battery cycle. It’s best to charge your phone each day or so, preferably when it’s only close to getting depleted.

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