Common Mistakes Cleaning Professionals Make when Selling Their Services

01 Jul 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

Managing a successful cleaning business isn’t just about providing excellent cleaning services. No matter how good your services are, if you can’t communicate the value of your company to potential customers, you’ll never succeed. Here are some of the most common mistakes business owners make when they’re selling their cleaning services:

Hearing Instead of Listening

A good trick for cleaning professionals is to visualize whatever the client is saying. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify what it is that they need. Look for a benefit that satisfies a particular need they have. Listen carefully. It’s there.

Being Unorganized

Cleaning professionals must know their services, prices and benefits inside and out. If you don’t, you’re going to look less than professional. A good way to prepare for answering any inquiries is to predict what common questions will be asked and come up with a sort of rehearsed answer that highlights the benefits of your specific company.

Just be sure to rehearse your tone so that you don’t sound unsure, hesitant or fake. It needs to be genuine and address the needs of your clients.

Being Too Salesy

Sometimes when you’re nervous or you’re in a hurry, your sales strategy comes across as pushy or desperate. This will turn off customers instantly. If you’re nervous, start asking questions that enable the client to communicate a need they have. As they’re talking, look for products or services your company has that can fulfill that need.

Cleaning Professionals Who Ramble

This usually happens when you’re trying too hard to establish a relationship or a connection. Always consider their time, as well as yours. Have 2 to 3 minutes of ‘”small talk” and look for that opening to present your business or products. If you have no idea how to guide them into this, you can always say something like “Well, hey, I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to it”.

Pitching the Sale Too Soon

Cleaning professionals must build some sort of connection before attempting to sell anything. The perfect example is the Internet. You must have good content to draw customers in. You establish a connection with them first, then link to a landing page…then to your purchase cart.

If you simply direct them to your purchase cart, they’ll have no connection and no need for your products. Educate them on WHY they need your services and products.

cleaning professionalsPhoto Credits: themaidesterling’s Flickr

Ask for Their Business!

This way, it’ll be so much harder for them to give you a direct “no”. If you just present your product and wait for their reaction, chances are they’ll begin coming up with excuses as to why they can’t purchase right now. Asking nudges that customer into a final decision. Remember, there are a lot of people who just don’t like flat out saying “no”. So ASK!

Research, Study & Spy!

In order to sell to a specific profile or group, you need to know what their pain points are. Dig in and research everything you can about your potential customers so that you can show them how they’ll benefit from your business. If you can provide a solution to a problem they’re having, chances are you’ll make the sale.

Mental Blocks & Assuming

When you’re in sales, you’re naturally going to have some bad experiences, harsh rejections and perhaps even some volatile situations. Whatever you do, don’t ever allow these instances to cloud your present judgment. Go into every single sales opportunity with an open mind and leave all preconceived notions completely behind.

When you begin assuming that you’re not going to make the sale, sometimes your subconscious absorbs this fear and subconsciously makes you do or say the wrong things just to prove your thoughts were correct.

Sporadic Prospecting & Follow-ups

Turnover rates for cleaning companies are rather prominent, especially when you’re providing quality services. Be consistent and regular at seeking out new prospects. Even if you’re busy right now, you can begin building relationships and follow up on them later.

Also, regarding following up, remember that clients who aren’t ready to purchase the first time you ask, their circumstances and/or mood could be completely different the next time. Always stay in contact and follow through consistently.

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