Connecting in order to buy articles online

Connecting in order to buy articles online

06 Jun 2014
| Last update: 08 Oct 2015
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

Finding the right people to write your content can be a hard process if you don’t have the necessary information. Searching in the right place with the right attitude can get you fast, to buy articles online. Staying connected to the your niche and the content marketing environment will make the selection process even better.


Platforms that connect business to freelancers

When scouting out a person or an agency to buy articles online from, you should start with the obvious places: dedicated platforms. There are many sites out there to help you find the right people for creating the content you need. A few of them are :

  1. oDesk –  It’s a great site for finding freelance workers from around the world. It also has the advantage of being able to put up low-budget jobs in order to test out people. Signing up is a fast process. When posting a job post be sure to put it under the right category. 
  2. Elance – This site will get you to buy articles online. Working through this platform will help you manage your relationship with the freelancer workers better and you can make sure that the payments are right. Checking the proposals is also a great way to make sure that the articles you will get are worth it.
  3. WriterAcess – I like it cause it brings together agencies with buyers as well as freelance workers. They help you manage the work-flow in the conception phases and promise a easy publish.
  4. Problogger – It is a very popular site where people search for freelancer writing jobs. Make sure that you know what you are after and that posting here is in your best interest because you’ll have to pay 50$ for 30 days.

Buy articles online directly from the writers

Platforms might be great but a better way to know the work of an agency or writer it’s to get down on his site and get to know him there. You can analyze the portfolio better and know the pricing before hand. Most of the times you will also find social media accounts and email address to get connected on a more direct level. We’ve just open the content on demand service and you can take a look if you might be interested to buy articles online from us .

A blog or a portfolio on their own site that they control can tell more about them. Plus building it shows more professionalism and dedication from their part. The services of account management and establishing the work flow will than need to be agreed on in the collaboration. But this enables for creating a lasting relationship between you and the writer which will only have positive effects when you buy articles online.

Staying connected to the niche helps as does finding the people that write inside of it and can create clear quality content for your site as well. Asking around other site owner might also help because most companies hire people to create their online content.

Keep your eyes open

Wake up with new leads from the content you publish.


If you decide to buy articles online finding the right person might be easier than you think. Most of the information you already read in your niche was most likely created by professional writers that can do the same for your site or give a great recommendation.

Even social media can give you some good leads of thought leaders that write great content. The obvious places are different platform and agencies sites where you can get the details you need about your future writer.

Have you ever been part of the “buy articles online process” ? Where you writer or a commissioner and how did you get in contact ? Tell us more about it in the comment section bellow.