Content writing for the squirrels you sell to

Content writing for the squirrels you sell to

21 Sep 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

Florin, our CEO, has been writing to you about how to do SEO and Human optimization as well. You can find the course here.

I consider that the first aspect that simplifies both types of optimization in content writing is knowing very well who you are writing for. You should put a lot of work in getting to know what your readers likes and interests are. Not personal for each one of them, but some general client profile should help to better understand what their needs are related to your own product or service. Two main aspects will be influenced after you better understand your readers.

Speak their language

If you know what kind of squirrel your Human reader is, you should use a language that is familiar to him (or her). I’m not saying you should learn Spanish, German and a form of Mandarin (that might help if you sell to a big community that speaks that language), but rather that you should use their own words.

This way, you will naturally use key phrases that they use in your content writing. Also, by using these ways of expressing yourself they will be more familiar to you and your product. Which means they will talk about your product on social media with the same words you write with.

Use content writing to explain solutions

Humans usually search for a solution to their problem and not a specific product or service. They don’t want to see you using  unique and innovating in the content writing of your website. They would rather read how you help them and how they can integrate that solution into their daily life.

Let’s imagine that you have to create content writing for a company that sells nuts to squirrels. Telling them that your nuts are unique will make you uninteresting  and you will waste precious space with general words with high competition on search engines . ‘Cause let’s face it, every nut is unique in its own way. So rather tell them about the chestnut flavour and the easy to open shell. Tell them how you’re original rather than putting that label there.

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Don’t over do it

I’ve seen some people making this mistake. They get to know one kind of clients so well,  that they start using specific slang which other clients don’t actually understand. That makes the content writing hard to read and they give up on understanding those terms and unexplained abbreviations. That makes you lose readers and possible clients.

Always keep in mind that the people that read your content are sometimes beginners in the field and are forming their specific vocabulary right there and then on your page.


Keep in mind that it’s easier to write content if you understand your readers better. Use their own words in explaining the solution you offer but don’t make them search for a slang dictionary.  In the future we will talk more about the tone you use in writing and how to create a clear voice with your content writing.