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the One Website Plan:
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Perfect for websites up to 300 pages and up to 2 users.
Raise the score of the website you’re currently working on. Add alerts, turn analytics data into insights, track changes. Everything you need to supercharge a website.

Start with up to 300 Pages for your website.

Add two more members to help you with the website.

Monitor the Health and Performance of the website.

Alerts will help you know anything important that comes up related to your website. (you can even add them in Slack)

Create One Group of Pages for which you can track the progress made towards reaching your main goal.

You can add One Goal for the grouped page and ContentLook will constantly monitor your progress to show you how far you’ve come.

Google Analytics Data, Buzzsumo Data and Moz Data don’t offer you a way to actually act on all the data. ContentLook’s Insights guide you on how you can react to the information that our system gathers about your visitors and their interactions with your website.

The Insights will turn every single number into stuff that you can really work on and it will give you ideas on what to experiment in order to improve the marketing of your website.

You’re getting 1 website which you can work on inside ContentLook on this plan.

We’ll keep evolution data for SEO information and Social Media Information for 30 days on this plan.

You’ll be able to integrate your work inside ContentLook with Trello, Slack and Google Analytics.

SEO Audit for 300 pages (weekly)

Blogging Audit for 300 pages (weekly)

Social Media Audit for 300 pages (weekly)

Link Audit for 300 pages (weekly)

Authority Audit for 300 pages (weekly)

Engagement Audit for 300 pages. (weekly)

Traffic Audit for 300 pages. (weekly)

Can request a new set of Audits every single hour.

Help and Guidance by our software to improve your website score

Guidance to help you fix all problems that are found for any page in the website

You can decide to only act on the intel we send you via email, because those Insights present you information that no one else will offer you.

Create your own Alerts

How do I Fix It info and guidance for every single error, or marketing problem that we find for your site.

Easy to follow instructions

You can create tasks for actions that you want to take

You’ll have a history log of actions you’ve performed for each page

All the members of your team can check the progress you’ve made and the changes on all pages.

You can get your developer, social media manager, designer, email marketer, copywriter, SEO, to help you fix the problems ContentLook identifies. It will provide them clear details and steps to follow.

You can even assign tasks, with notes, comments and chat so that you can work together with other people to make your website better.

ContentLook will notify you once you reach certain goals.

All Customer Service Channels included in this plan. Maximum Support Level.

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