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16 Feb 2018

When you have a website on which you publish content regularly, you want to make sure that search engines stay up to date with what you publish. Today, we’ll see how site feed and sitemap are able to make your content easier to find.

What is a site feed and a sitemap?

A site feed is a copy of your website, which is made especially for computers to read, so that the content is distributed on other websites, or to a reader that is subscribed to your news readers.

A sitemap is basically a file where all of the webpages are listed, which are available to web crawlers. Googlebot, for example, can then read the file so that it crawls your website better.

Here is a video that shows you how Google does that.

Why is it important to have a site feed and a sitemap?

Having a site feed is essential if you want search engines to find your articles, and consequently help people find the exact information they’re looking for, by coming to your website.

Also, by integrating a news feed on your website, your users will constantly receive the content you’re posting, and they won’t miss a thing.

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A site map improves search engine crawling on your website, especially if your site is really large, has lots of content pages that do not link to each other, is fresh and does not have many external links.

A site map also provides metadata, which contains information on when the page was last updated, how often changes are made to it, or scale its importance compared to others.

If you don’t have these elements integrated on your website, you’ll miss the opportunity of your articles being found on search engines.

How to fix the site feed and sitemap issue on your website

The most used feed is RSS.

RSS is great, because your readers have access more easily to the topic they’re interested in. With RSS, readers also have the option to subscribe to your feed. That way, they are assured that they will receive fresh articles from your website.

It’s really easy for users to get your feed, too. They can do that just by clicking the RSS icon that appears on your website. Here is an article that will show you 10 tips that can help you make the most out of your feed.

A sitemap is an XML file. Here you can find an example of how a protocol should look like.

You can talk to your developer about it or you can use the feature on ContentLook that says send to your team email. If you click on the button you’ll have an email designed specifically for the developer in your team or for the developer who usually helps you out with your website, which will tell him exactly what he needs to do in order to get the feed inside of your website.

If you don’t want to do this and if you have a WordPress site, you can always just go to Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin is going to help you create a very great sitemap for your website. It’s a great free plugin, and it will give you a good sitemap. If your sitemap is not good you’ll have problems, so go ahead and download the plugin.

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