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16 Feb 2018

Content Optimization

You’re probably here because you’ve seen in your report that you haven’t optimized your content for search engines. What’s the biggest thing about content optimization? What does it mean and why are people usually afraid of doing it and of admitting that they are optimizing their content?

If you start understanding the importance of content optimization you are going to drive a lot more value to your readers and to people who actually search on the web.

What does content optimization mean?

Let’s say that you are writing a piece of content that is really great. You want to write of a first-person shooter game, say Counter Strike.

However, if the people don’t understand what the topic you’ve written about is, if you don’t mention Counter Strike, if you don’t mention it in the introduction of the article, in the body of the article, in the conclusion of the article, that is a really big problem. It’s going to sound like a random first-person shooter game.

The idea is that if you are going to leave your content like that and if you’re not going to revise and improve it, nobody is going to get a clear picture of what your article is all about. What I’m talking about is SEO’d articles.

The fact is you need not to waste your topic and to make it visible for the people, if you want to talk about Counter Strike, you should use it as a keyword.

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Why are people afraid of optimizing their content?

This happens because of questionable SEO done in the past. Let’s call these people the “SEO people”, who done a lot of shady stuff in the past. How? Imagine they got a simple article, like the one mentioned above, about first-person shooters, and they’ve started thinking: “well, a lot of people search Counter Strike on the web, so…”

So, they started using Counter Strike as a keyword all over the article, in a random way, and they mentioned it here, and then provided some data about it, then they’ve bolded it and made it H2 and H3 without any reason. In the end there was Counter Strike randomly mentioned in different and many variations.

This way it turned out to be really upsetting and annoying.

This is what they’ve done and they managed to drive lots of traffic to their articles, because in the past Google wasn’t this sharp. They only had to keep mentioning the keyword and it was done.

Today, that doesn’t work anymore. Google, as a a search engine, has become really smart. They’ve placed in it some algorhitms, to make sure that it’s going to show the web-surfer only really relevant information.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry about black-head SEO anymore, because shaddy SEO won’t ever work this time.

This doesn’t mean that you have to hide from using keywords. It only means that you should use them in a very orderly and a very intelligent fashion.

How to optimize for Keyword Search

You can do this smoothly and easily, if you have WordPress with Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin.

First, you need to do some keyword research. It’s important to choose a keyword which would be sought by potential readers or customers. You can look for what keywords and key-phrases are in trend and verify your chances to get ahead of your competition.

For Keyword Research you can use the Squirrly Keyword Research. You’ll get important data about the keyword you’ll optimize for: social intelligence, trend, competition, possibility to outrank competition for that keyword and how many people search for that keyword.

If your domain is vast, such as finance, then you can Click on Add Keyword and type 2 or 3 keywords and the Squirrly Keyword Research will recommend to you related keywords from the same domain, putting them in the order of how they are searched on the Internet. This way you can limit your domain and work with more specific keywords.

Second, try to use these keywords in every article, because you’ll become an authority in the domain.

Optimizing content for every section of the funnel

When you start optimizing your articles for keywords, not only are you going to get more SEO value, you are going to provide value to the readers that are going to reach your website.

Let’s see how the sales funnel look like (you can also view Florin Muresan do it in the video on the right!):

The Public Relations Funnel

The articles that you write on your blog, they shouldn’t be 100% optimized if you’re doing them for the end of the funnel.

Remember that from the top of the funnel you push people through the middle part and up to the sale point, where you sale them something.

Basically, in content marketing, you need to take care of each of these areas. Of course, the type of the funnel depends on your business, but you need to have something for the top of the funnel.

These are usually the articles that you’d want to optimize 100%. The top of the funnel needs content that’s already optimized, because people are going to reach your website for the first time.

It’s the first time they’ve gotten on your site. They don’t know you’re writing about games like Counter Strike, for example. In fact, they don’t know anything about your business. That’s why if they find the article on search engine is good for them to find out right away (from the title, introduction) that it’s about Counter Strike.

Then you have images and screenshots related to the game, and people can understand and picture your business and field of interest: “Yes, this is an article about gaming, about the game called Counter Strike” and they can find a lot of valuable data that they’ve been searching for.

So, they get to the top of the funnel. For this part is really important to produce content that is optimized. From then on the user is pushed to the sale point and he/she can come across less targeted content. This way you can produce less optimized content.

Therefore, it’s really important that the top of the funnel has 100% optimized content, which is relevant and valuable.

On an end note, you shouldn’t try to optimize only for certain keywords, but try and make these keywords valuable topics. Try to define your keyword as a topic.

How to optimize your articles for keywords

In order to reach 100% SEO you need to optimize your articles for that keywords you’ve researched:

  • Choose a core keyword that would be present in the majority of your articles. It should be a mark of your domain and this will turn you into an authority in this domain.
  • Choose secondary keywords, which should be relevant to the topic and related to the core one. Try and use only these keywords in your content, and not enlarge your keyword domain too much.
  • Use the keywords in the <TITLE> tag of your articles. If you put the keyword on the first position it will also appear in your URL and influence your ranking on search engines.
  • Use the keywords in the meta-description of your content.
  • Use the keywords in the content you’re writing. Squirrly SEO Live Assistant will help you do this while writing your articles.
  • Use keywords in headlines and in the <ALT TEXT> of your images.

Now you know how to do keyword search for your site and why this is important. Hope you’ll write awesome content!

What are long tail keywords?

Long keywords are better and more specific than the simple ones. When you use a long tail keyword, users will have higher chances to find what they are looking for, hence click on your website. These keywords are really valuable for your optimization process, if you use them properly.

Why is it important to use long tail keywords?

Even if a long tail keyword won’t bring as many visitors as one keyword would, the traffic those keywords will bring will be better, and more focused towards what you’re selling. Also, there is a lot of competition with shorter keywords.

A long tail keyword will also make your website rank higher, help with your SEO efforts, and with organic search engines results. It also helps connecting you with your potential customers, that are actively searching for the product you provide.

How to use a long tail keyword

When you use a long tail keyword, it’s important to see whether it’s a trending topic, or not. If a lot of people search information about that particular subject, this will increase the chances for your website to be found by them.

For some words, like “skincare”, there is a lot of competition. By adding a few extra words, like “organic 100%”, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you sell handmade soap, that is made from 100% organic ingredients, and you use the word “soap” as your keyword, people won’t be able to find you.

But if you use a long tail keyword like “organic handmade soap”, people will find exactly what they’re looking for.

How Squirrly can help you

If you can’t manage to use long tail keywords, don’t worry.

Our SEO WordPress plugin can help you with that. By adding the keyword you want to use, you will receive recommendations based on it, with options for you to choose from.

At the same time, you can see if it’s a trending topic, or not, if there are recent discussions on it, and whether it’s a competitive long tail keyword or not.

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