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26 Feb 2018

The problem of empty titles

It is common knowledge that people give names to things, so they can get along more easily. If all people know what is the subject of their talk, activity or work, communication can be reached. So, it happens with content writing. That’s why title tags are of so much importance when writing a blog post/ article or any content that is live on the web. When you publish something on the Internet you want it to reach people and empty titles are definitely an obstacle in this direction.

What empty titles are and why you should fix them

Empty title tags appear when you don’t attach a title to your post. If you thought this is not much of a problem, think again.

Title tags are an essential part of content writing. If you don’t write a title for your post, you don’t stand a chance of reaching 100% SEO. For better understanding, picture this: people search the web and they look for keywords, they read the title and the meta-description, before they choose the desired piece of content.

Now, if you don’t write a title, search engines will “improvise” one for you, either by selecting a line from a paragraph or from your meta-description. More or less, your title tag will be random. So, potential visitors of your site won’t find the desired keyword in it, they might not even land on your page, because the keyword they’re looking for is not in your title.

A title also gives a summary or description of the topic you are writing about, so empty titles won’t be of any use to potential web searchers. What’s more, a title is meant to be appealing and draw people to your web page, but if you don’t have it, your traffic will be weak.

How to fix empty titles

On all pages on your site you need to have the title tag defined. This will help you with optimization and the text in your <title> tag will show in the search results as your page title.

An easy and simple way to fix it is by using Squirrly. How?

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  • Use Squirrly’s SEO Settings .
  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Squirrly tab -> Settings.
  • Switch from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Go to the page you want to correct and click Edit.
  • Use the Snippet from Squirrly -> Customize.
  • You’re now able to add a Title to your page.

How to optimize title tags

Squirrly SEO Live Assistant helps you optimize your content for 100% SEO while you are writing your content. It can help you optimize your titles, too:

  • Write a title that is only 75 chars
  • Include the keyword in your title. If the title starts with your keyword, this will also show in the url of your site, so that you’d reach a higher position on search engines. The live assistant can also help you search for keywords and optimize them.

I hope this showed you how to fix empty titles and improve your title tags. Remember that people are more attracted to titles that are relevant, insightful and intriguing!

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