Meet Squirrly's Powerful Digital Assistants!

Digital Assistants 

Squirrly Machine Learning.

Over 600,000 websites have been placed by users in Squirrly’s system. And they have been tweaked by users and improved.

SML could study all the changes which lead to ranking progress and more organic traffic.

Based on those real studies made on websites like yours, it can now show you YOUR chances of ranking. 

👍 Helps with: 

  • Identifies critical issues and errors impacting your site’s SEO Performance. 

  • Generates high-priority, actionable GOALS that are 100% relevant to your site and pages. 

It’s like getting personalized advice from an expert SEO consultant.

included in Squirrly SEO

Digital Assistants 

The Blogging Assistant provides access to advanced research solutions for writers inside WordPress

👍 Helps with: 

  • Finds Copyright-free images for you in the Edit Post interface of WordPress. 

  • Helps you integrate images in your content. 

  • Finds wiki pages, blog posts and tweets which you can read while creating your new content.

included in Squirrly SEO

Digital Assistants 

This Assistant can be found in the Squirrly SOCIAL product from the Squirrly Company.

👍 Helps with: 

  • Curates the best content for you. Something that agencies charge $100 USD per 25 messages.

  • Brings you unlimited curated messages which you can place in your Post Planner categories.

  • Uses AI to create auto-hashtags on your behalf (if you choose so).

included in Squirrly Social

Florin Muresan, our CEO and Co-Founder of the Squirrly Company, wrote this paper in 2010, where he predicted Web 3.0 and the rise of Digital Assistants who were robots.

Fast Forward to 2022, over 600,000 businesses around the world have experienced Digital Assistants for Business, by using products designed by Squirrly.

Websites “talking” to other websites and web services “talking” to other web services, is no longer a dream. It’s a reality.

When you use a Squirrly product, the tech behind the product “knows” a lot of data that can help your Journey as a business owner… it doesn’t just know, though. 

It tells you what to do next, based on all that it knows, so you can achieve great things.

Faster. Easier. Assisted.

Digital Assistants 

The Brand New v2.0 version of our Strategy Assistant.

The v1.0 version was replaced by SML and taken down, until we managed to create v2.0 which perfectly complements the Focus Pages method and SML, via the Next SEO Goals.

included in Squirrly SEO

Digital Assistants 

Do you know how many human assistants work in stores all over the world just to assist customers in choosing what book to read, or what gift they should buy?

Our Learning Assistant does something very similar.

👍 Helps with: 

  • Identifies the next courses that you should take next to build up your skills and mastery level. (based on your previous quiz results)

  • Helps you develop a custom learning strategy that aligns with your current skills and opportunities to improve. 

included in Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly

Digital Assistants 

The Keyword Assistant from Squirrly SEO never stops working for you. 

👍 Helps with: 

  • Keeps analyzing your Briefcase keywords (even while you’re away from your WordPress site)

  • Automatically performs different keyword researches (at no extra cost) to see if it can surface new opportunities.

  • Comes up with new, high-opportunity, relevant keyword suggestions to include in your strategy

included in Squirrly SEO

At Squirrly, we always thought of ourselves as a technology and gaming company, helping our clients achieve real-world results.

Our very first assistant, designed 12 years ago, was used to help clients bridge the gap of desolation and start moving their websites in the right direction.

It was incredible for us to see how much of a difference adding this assistant made for our users. Before the assistant, 90% of our users gave up on their sites and the web presences they wanted to build.

After we implemented this assistant, our Digital Assistant made 3x more of our clients get customers of their own (our clients were finally getting their very own clients from the Internet) and keep working on their websites. 

That was also 3x times better than what and had at that time.

To boost retention by 3x meant a lot to our founding team.

We turned something tedious and boring (like website marketing) into a game, and by adding a mix of Intrinsic Motivation (it was fun, easy and motivating) to Extrinsic Motivation (the potential of getting customers from the Internet), we helped our users move across the gap of desolation and finally become successful with their websites.

Squirrly never looked back.

It was clear to all of us: from now on, we’ll keep building Digital Assistants for business and for marketing applications. They make a huge difference in the professional lives of our clients.

See how many clients recently became successful with the Assistants we included in our Squirrly SEO Product.

Digital Assistants 

The ContentLook Assistant can do wonders in terms of boost a marketer’s productivity.

👍 Helps with: 

  • Offers very powerful insights about the performance of your content marketing strategy.

  • Does all the analysis on its own

  • Displays you the data and changes it studied, without requesting your input. (you don’t even have to click a button). 

included in ContentLook

Digital Assistants 

We built the SEO Live Assistant so that you no longer have to rely on guesswork to ensure you have 100% SEO on your blog posts, product pages, and landing pages.

👍 Helps with: 

  • Analyzes your content in real-time by looking at the topic you’re writing about. 

  • Gives you advice as you’re typing your articles and pages. 

  • Helps you achieve Perfect SEO Content.

  • Saves you a lot of time when it comes to content creation and also helps with quality assurance.

included in Squirrly SEO

Digital Assistants 

Prepares your WordPress Site for SEO Success.

  • starts SEO Meta Automation
  • helps you import SEO from plugins
  • completes JSON-LD information by default
  • makes all essential SEO settings right after you install Squirrly. Which Means: LESS work for you to do

Maintains good SEO:

  • offers SEO Protection.
  • displays the number of WP Pages it SEO’ed for you.
  • displays the number of post types it currently covers.
  • handles 70 aspects in the background.

Sidebar Green and Red Lights:

  • shows what still needs to be done.
  • if you click the tasks, it opens pop-ups that tell you exactly how to turn the Red lights to Green.

included in Squirrly SEO

Below you can find some of the retired Digital Assistants.

They have been replaced with newer versions, because we keep iterating according to customer feedback.

We adapt, and we try to bring Assistants that provide real help to their Human operators.

Digital Assistants 

Website Marketing Assistant

Created before the Squirrly Company was even founded, by Calin Vingan and Florin Muresan, in the days of . 

👍 Back in 2010 to 2012, it helped: 

  • artists, photographers, and small business owners get gamified assistance in promoting their websites and becoming popular on the Web 

was included in Cif2

Digital Assistants 

SEO Settings Assistant

Was replaced by Squirrly Genius.

👍 Back in 2014, it helped Squirrly SEO users by: 

    • Generating all meta tags they needed.
  • Walking users through a very clear process, at the end of which a WP user had all required settings.

was included in Squirrly SEO


You can see the next Digital Assistants for Marketing that we plan to release.

Digital Assistants 

Backlinks Assistant

Work is still in progress. We have 300 people who have already shown interest in this new Assistant.

👍 Once released, it will help WordPress users: 

  • Network with other users and find valuable linking opportunities.

  • Obtain White Hat backlinks that will be approved by Google.

Digital Assistants 

Email Deliverability Assistant

What you don’t know, still hurts.

Deliverability in apps like MailChimp, Email Octopus and Sendgrid are abysmal. However, the users of these apps are not aware of it.

Most people we know have never even tried to check their deliverability scores.

👍 Once released, our assistant: 

  •  will help users send emails that actually reach the INBOX. And reach a good folder, not the Spam folder.

We are Email Marketing Experts at the Squirrly Company and we make most of our revenue via emails. We’ve made tens of thousands of sales over email since 2012, so we really know how email should be done.

With this assistant, you’ll basically know everything that we know. And you’ll send revenue-generating emails that people actually get to read.

Sounds good, right?

will be included in Email Hero by Squirrly

Digital Assistants 

Personal Branding Assistant

Any author will shine like a Star when the Personal Branding Assistant lends its help.

👍 Once released, it will help users:

  • Look their best online. 

  • Build up powerful personal brands

will be included in Starbox PRO

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