Digital Assistants for Marketing – Squirrly’s founding team has been working for 10 years on creating Digital Assistant software (products, or just features inside products), that help users achieve great success.

The best application was to give Non-SEO Experts access to these computer programs which advised them in real time, did tasks for Human users and helped them achieve real-world results.

By 2020, many Squirrly users around the world (over 90 countries) have relied on the Digital Assistants we have created.

Important NOTE: these are not human beings. They are computer programs which use data on the web and on our servers, to better serve the Human operators they assist.

We placed these deepfake faces below to show you how committed we are to making them as professional as possible.

When you start using some of our software products, you’ll feel like you’ve added extra team members, without any of the overhead.

SEO Live Assistant

Gives you advice as you’re typing your articles and pages. Helps you achieve Perfect SEO Content.

Blogging Assistant

Finds Copyright-free images for you in the Edit Post interface of WordPress. Helps you integrate images in your content. Also finds wiki pages, blog posts and tweets which you can read while creating your new content.

Keyword Assistant

While you’re away from your WordPress site, it keeps analyzing your briefcase and performing (at no extra cost) different keyword researches to see if it can surface new opportunities.

Squirrly SML

Squirrly Machine Learning.

Over 600,000 websites have been placed by users in Squirrly’s system. And they have been tweaked by users and improved.

SML could study all the changes which lead to ranking progress and more organic traffic.

Due to those studies, it can now show you your chances of ranking based on real studies.

Real studies made on websites like yours.

Squirrly Genius

Prepares your WordPress Site for SEO Success.

  • starts SEO Meta Automation
  • helps you import SEO from plugins
  • completes JSON-LD information by default
  • makes all essential SEO settings right after you install Squirrly. Which Means: LESS work for you to do

Maintains good SEO:

  • offers SEO Protection.
  • displays the number of WP Pages it SEO’ed for you.
  • displays the number of post types it currently covers.
  • handles 70 aspects in the background.
Sidebar Green and Red Lights:

  • shows what still needs to be done.
  • if you click the tasks, it opens pop-ups that tell you exactly how to turn the Red lights to Green.

Social Media Assistant

This Assistant can be found in the Squirrly SOCIAL product from the Squirrly Company.

Curates the best content for you. Something that agencies charge $100 USD per 25 messages.

Social Media Assistant brings you unlimited curated messages which you can place in your Post Planner categories.

It also uses AI to create auto-hashtags and place auto-emojis on your behalf (if you choose so).

ContentLook Assistant

Found in the ContentLook product from the Squirrly Company.

Offers you very powerful insights about the performance of your content marketing strategy.

It does all the analysis on its own and displays you the data and changes it studied, without requesting your input. You don’t even have to click a button.

Can really boost a marketer’s productivity.

Below you can find some of the retired Digital Assistants.

They have been replaced with newer versions, because we keep iterating according to customer feedback.

We adapt, and we try to bring Assistants that provide real help to their Human operators.

SEO Settings Assistant

Was replaced by Squirrly Genius.

Back in 2014, it helped Squirrly SEO users generate all meta tags they needed.

Walked users through a very clear process, at the end of which a WP user had all required settings.

Strategy Assistant

Was replaced by Squirrly SML, in Squirrly SEO 2020: Smart Strategy.

We’ve spent a great amount of time: 2016 to 2019 creating this assistant. All our studies developing this digital assistant, ultimately lead to creating the Focus Pages method and the Focus Pages feature in Squirrly SEO 2019.

It was manually created based on studies, customer feedback, customer interviews, and a lot of data from our Agency Partners.

Was replaced by SML because, it didn’t adapt to new studies and new conditions. To keep up with Google algorithm changes, the SML was required.

Website Marketing Assistant

Created before the Squirrly Company was even founded, by Calin Vingan and Florin Muresan.

Back in the days of in 2010 to 2012.

It helped artists, photographers, and small business owners get gamified assistance in promoting their websites and becoming popular on the Web.


You can see the next Digital Assistants for Marketing that we plan to release.

Backlinks Assistant

Work is still in progress. We have 300 people who have already shown interest in this new Assistant.

It will help WordPress users network with other users and find valuable linking opportunities.

Obtain White Hat backlinks that will be approved by Google.

Email Deliverability Assistant

What you don’t know, still hurts.

Deliverability in apps like MailChimp, Email Octopus and Sendgrid are abysmal. However, the users of these apps are not aware of it.

Most people we know have never even tried to check their deliverability scores.

Our assistant will help users send emails that actually reach the INBOX. And reach a good folder, not the Spam folder.

We are Email Marketing Experts at the Squirrly Company and we make most of our revenue via emails. We’ve made tens of thousands of sales over email since 2012, so we really know how email should be done.

With this assistant, you’ll basically know everything that we know. And you’ll send revenue-generating emails that people actually get to read.

Sounds good, right?