Celebrating success yet?

success messages assistant

Squirrly’s new Success Messages Assistant (SMA) has some awesome reasons for you to celebrate.

What is the Success Messages Assistant?

Just like our previous assistants, the new Success Messages Assistant is a piece of software running from our cloud servers, and not an actual human being doing work in the background.

Building Digital Assistants for Marketing is our passion and I think it shows in the way we are developing these pretty amazing pieces of software.

We have integrated SMA in Squirrly SEO for the time being, and according to how things evolve, we might start thinking of placing it inside Squirrly Digital as well. This would make it able to bring new types of success messages from the other tools included in the Digital Pack.

How to Get Started Using it for Maximum Benefits?

You will find messages and charts + pop-ups brought by this new digital personal assistant inside:

  • SaaS by Squirrly SEO (on the Cloud App)
  • Inside WordPress /wp-admin
  • Inside different UIs of the SEO plugin
  • In Your Inbox

Benefits of Using Squirrly’s Success Messages Assistant


Why Is It Important to Have a Success Messages Assistant?


Conclusion: Your Business Needs an Assistive Tool like the SMA