5 Entrepreneur Books That Can Help Anyone On Their Journey

15 May 2015
| Last update: 30 Sep 2015

There are so many excellent books that are motivating, informative and eye-opening for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The list can be quite overwhelming. To avoid confusion, here are 5 entrepreneur books that cover a myriad of topics. They cover absolutely everything the striving entrepreneur could possibly need to succeed. So grab a cup of coffee, dig in and enjoy your wonderful journey to entrepreneurship.

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5 Entrepreneur Books That Will Impact Your Business

ObviousAdams1)  Obvious Adams

This is a rare gem that was originally printed in 1916. For some reason, today, not many people know of it, but it’s a book that’s been read by many of the world’s top entrepreneurs such as Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvy and the modern day Danny Iny, to name just a few. The book is actually a story about a poor boy who grew up working in grocery stores. Yet somehow, by using obvious tactics, he became one of the most successful advertisers of his time. The book demonstrates how to take the obvious and incorporate it into business in order to make money. While very short, it’s loaded with invaluable tips that will inspire you in your own business.

Entrepreneur guide2)  The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Your Shit Together

Written by John Carlton, this is among the best entrepreneur books in the world. It shows you how to break through the obstacles that are holding you back from wealth and happiness. Carlton uses shocking, outrageous and very successful tactics that lead your business to success and enable you to enjoy life beyond what most others are able to do. You’ll get a peek at old-school copywriting combined with modern day Internet sales funnel strategies so that you can set your business up for wealth and success.

TheMillionaireMasterPlan13)  The Millionaire Master Plan

Unlike most entrepreneur books, this one helps you identify your strengths so you know what to focus on. Roger James Hamilton created several brief questionnaires that you can take. These identify your creative genius type and your wealth level. From these, the book guides you step by step on how to grow your wealth, gradually moving up different levels. It doesn’t just stop here though. It also shows you how to focus only on what you’re good at and how to build a team to do the rest, how to outsource, how to build strategic partnerships and how to create an ever-present state of cash flow for your business.

4)  The Boron Letters

Gary Halbert, one of the greatest copywriters of all time, spent ten months in California’s Boron Federal Prison. During his stay, he wrote a series of letters to his son. They were never meant to be published, because they were specifically for his son. They’re a crash course on direct marketing as well as a crash course on life. His son’s decision to publish them has changed many lives.

5)  The Art of Social Media:  Power Tips For Power Users

TheArtOfSocislMEdiaThe author, Guy Kawasaki, helps you set up a structured social media plan that caters to your brand and products so that you gain optimum followers and build that foundation for your sales funnel. Among the many social media books out there, this one shows you how to utilize social media to boost your business. It provides tips and tricks that save time, money and effort so that you can attain success.

6) BONUS Power Tool

These 5 entrepreneur books hold many of the keys that you need for success as an entrepreneur. There’s one more powerful tool you may need along the way. Would you like more time for catering to clients and product development? Would you like to produce articles that get 300 readers per every single published post? We’ll teach you how to do this for free.


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