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The Nutty truth of why we’re named Squirrly - and how it has to do with Learning.

Ever wondered why we’re named Squirrly, and why we stuck with it, although people sometimes misspell it? It’s not just because we think squirrels are totally adorable. 

It’s because squirrels play a big part in something that all of us working here are completely fascinated by: Squirrels store acorns in the ground, practically planting baby oak trees, helping oaks spread. 

They make it possible for mighty trees to grow tall and strong, closer to the stars. Pretty cool, right?

With our education programs and software, we aim to plant seeds of knowledge – thus helping ideas blossom and playing a part in making sure people in the Squirrly community are able to reach for the stars.

+ 0 K

Over 2,606 students who enrolled in our Udemy content marketing course (costs $144.99).

+ 0 M

+ 3,385,374 downloads for our Software.

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Over 100 premium lessons and courses created on the topic of digital marketing.

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+139,000 people have completed at least one of our training programs. *

 *These numbers are calculated according to the reporting functions of the MailChimp app we use to send education emails to our audiences.

From Marketers, for Marketers. Squirrly’s World of Knowledge

Top Learning Resources Designed to Help You Level Up Your Skills on SEO Social Media Branding Blogging Content Marketing WordPress

Education Cloud PLUS

Squirrly’s digital library features digital marketing coaching sessions for all levels.

14 Days Journey to Better Rankings

Learn SEO from SEOs. We provide step-by-by guidance via daily knowledge-soaked recipes that users can follow to achieve better rankings.

Digital Marketing Superstars

An exclusive, invite-only community where members receive handpicked, one-minute case studies and marketing hacks.

Squirrly Knowledge Base

A-Z tutorials on how to use every feature in Squirrly SEO, useful FAQS, videos, screenshots, and more.

Content Marketing Udemy Course ($145)

By the end of this course, you’ll have a Content Marketing Strategy for your own business. Over 2,600 students enrolled. 

Get Growth TV

YouTube Live Streams where you can see TOP digital marketing tools in action.

Squirrly’s Blog

Fresh articles about exciting things related to Squirrly products. It’s also a great place to round up your knowledge of SEO.

We’ve always working on creating new opportunities to learn. Stick around to find out what it will be next.

Empowering the Next Generation of Marketing Superstars with Knowledge

“Win by Helping others Win” – it’s one of our core values here at Squirrly. One of the big ones, actually. One that stayed with us since day 1. 

From the get-go, we assisted Squirrly customers on their quest to become better marketers by creating lessons and courses. It was the best way to share everything we learned in the marketing trenches.  

10 years later, we’re still at it, still creating fresh trainings, sharing what we know works. Plus, we’ve added new, exciting ways to learn because we want to see our users succeed.

We don’t like to toot our own Horn

But we certainly don’t mind when others do 😉

Hundreds of Positive Comments for our Coaching sessions and Learning Resources.

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“We’re trying to update these facts as often as possible to provide accuracy”

Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly

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